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Show Laser Glossary, Definitions & Explanations

This Glossary shall provide general definitions for terms used on this website as well as give some background information on terms and topics used in show laser and entertainment industry.
If you find a mistake or if you have suggestions for additional terms, please drop an E-Mail to [email protected]

Glossary, Definitions


AOM is the abbreviation of "Acousto-optic Modulator". In the show laser industry this term defines a component which makes a static, non-modulating...

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AR is the abbreviation for Accessible RadiationSee Accessible Radiation for details.

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AVB (also named TSN for industrial purposes) stands for “Audio Video Bridging” and describes a standard for real time, lip synchronous digital...

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Beam Show

What is a beam show? A laser show may be designed as beam or graphics show. Whereas a graphics show displays graphics, patterns, aninmations, etc....

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What is Blanking? Blanking is the capability of a show laser system to rapidly turn on / off the laser when displaying visible lines, graphics and...

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Club Laser

What is a club laser? A club laser is a show laser light system for entertainment purposes especially used in clubs, discotheques, pubs and bars....

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Color Balance

What is Color Balance? Color balance describes the intensity of the source colors in relation to each other. Typically the laser sources are red,...

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What means DAC? DAC stands for Digital Analog Converter. What is a Digital Analog Converter? A DAC is a hardware device that is able to convert...

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Daisy Chain

What is a daisy chain? The term "Daisy Chain" describes the connection of a signal cable to several devices in a ring or sequence structure. An...

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Disco Laser

Why are show lasers popular in discos? Discos are popular places for show laser systems. As most rooms of disocotheques are located in darker...

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What is divergence? Divergence describes the expansion of a laser beam over a long distance. The value is given in mrad (milliradiant), a unit to...

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DJ Laser

What is a DJ laser? A DJ Laser is not a specific type of laser light, but it more describes the field of use of the laser. DJ Lasers usually are in...

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What does DMX stand for? The abbreviation DMX stands for Digital Multiplex and denotes a serial signal, which carries a special protocol from a...

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Why is it called DMX512? The abbreviation DMX stands for Digital Multiplex and denotes a serial signal, which carries a special protocol from a...

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What does DPSS stand for? DPSS is an abbreviation for "Diode Pumped Solid State Laser" How do DPPS lasers work? This way of generating laser...

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Event Laser

What is an Event Laser? Although there is no specific definition for this term, it is often used for very powerful show laser systems that are...

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Gauze Screen

What is a Gauze Screen? The term "gauze" denotes a thin textile material which has got many very small holes similar to a fishnet. A gauze screen...

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Graphics Show

What is a Graphics Show? Laser shows may either be designed as graphics or as beam shows. Beam shows project the laser beams into the room, while...

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Hydro Shield

What is a Hydro Shield? As well as water screens hydro shields are projection surfaces made of water used to make laser graphics and effects...

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What does ILDA stand for? ILDA is the abbreviation of "International Laser Display Association" and thus the name of an association of laserists....

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ILDA Award

What is an ILDA Award? ILDA is the International Laser Display Association, a non-profit organization with the intention of increasing and...

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ILDA cable

What is an ILDA cable? ILDA is a data transmission technology developed by the International Laser Display Association for interchanging image data...

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ILDA Laser

What does ILDA stand for? ILDA is the abbreviation of "International Laser Display Association" and thus the name of an association of laserists....

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What does KPPS stand for? KPPS means Kilo Points Per Second and describes the speed of show laser scanning systems. That's how many thousand laser...

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Laser Beam

Laser beams are electromagnetic waves between 400 nm and 700 nm wavelength, created through stimulated emission. Light is a wave consisting of short...

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Laser Effect

What is a laser effect? Most show lasers come with integrated lighting effects which are displayed automatically or manually. Such laser effects...

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Laser Light

What is laser light? Laser light defines a laser beam in the visible spectrum (between 400 and 700nm wavelength). Often the term is used to...

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Laser Rainbow

What is a Laser Rainbow? A laser rainbow defines a multi colored beam or layer projection with show laser light systems, that has the colors in the...

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Laser Screen

What is a Laser Screen? Laser effects, graphics, texts, etc. must be displayed on different kinds of projection surfaces. Also screens may serve as...

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Laser Show

What does Laser Show mean? The term "Laser show" can define two different things: In most cases it means an entertainment event where the laser...

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What is a Laserist? A laserist designs, creates and controls a laser show. A laserist needs at least a show laser projector. For programming own...

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What is a LaserMan? A LaserMan is a show performer who dances inside a laser suit and among laser beams. The LaserMan and the laser beams will move...

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LSO is the abbreviation for Laser Safety Officer>>> see definition Laser Safety Officer >>>

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Mesh Screen

What is a Mesh Screen? A mesh screen is used to display laser graphics, logos, patterns, etc on it. Without any projection surface, fog, haze, etc....

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Abbreviation for: Maximum Permissible ExposureSee Maximum Permissible Exposure for further details

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What is OPSL? OPSL is an abbreviation for optically pumped semiconductor laser which describes a technology that is used by Coherent for their...

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Party Laser

What is a party laser? A party laser is a show laser light system for smaller entertainment events, for example in clubs, discotheques, pubs, and...

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PCAOM ist the abbreviation for Polychromatic Acousto-Optic Modulator. Unlike an AOM (acousto-optic modulator), which can only deflect a single...

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What does PPS stand for? PPS means Points Per Second and describes the speed of show laser scanning systems. That's how many laser points per...

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RGB Laser

What is an RGB Laser? RGB lasers are show laser systems with exactly three color modules: red, green and blue. It doesn't matter if the color...

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Show Laser Safety Laser safety is an important issue while dealing with laser systems. Laser radiation can cause damage on eyes, skin and textiles....

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Safety Button

What is a Safety Button? A laser safety button serves to interrupt the current supply manually in case of emergency. Safety buttons are mainly used...

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Safety Rope

What is a Safety Rope? A safety cable is a wire cable that secures objects like headlights, moving heads and show laser systems from dropping in...

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Safety Zone

What is a Safety Zone? As show laser systems can be harmful for human skin / eyes, professional laser show software offers the opportunity to set...

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What is a scanner? A scanner is a device that scans and measures objects systematically to generate an overall image. Laser systems use scanners to...

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Show Laser

What is a show laser? The term "Show laser" is used to describe laser light systems for entertainment purposes. Show laser systems are very...

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Show Lazer

What is a show lazer? The term "show lazer" describes laser light systems for entertainment purposes and is used synonymously for the more common...

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Sky Laser

What is a sky laser? Sky lasers are show laser systems used outdoor to make a certain point visible and exposed from a long distance. The term "sky...

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Stage Laser

What is a stage laser? A stage laser is mainly, but not exclusively, used on a stage in order to make an event with a laser show appealing.The...

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Water Curtain

What is a Water Curtain? Water Curtain is another term for water screen. As laser graphics projections need any surface to become visible, water is...

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Water Screen

What is a Water Screen? Laser graphics projections need a surface to make visible the graphics, texts and effects the laser draws. Also water may...

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Water Shield

What is a Water Shield? Water shield is another term for hydro shield. It is a projection surfaces made of water for making laser graphics and...

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What means Watt? Watt is a physical unit to measure power. What has Watt to do with laser displays? The power of show laser lights is measured in...

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What is Wavelength? The physical term Wavelength determines the color of a laser source and is specified in the unit nm (nanometer). As you can see...

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