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Show Laser Glossary, Definitions & Explanations

This Glossary shall provide general definitions for terms used on this website as well as give some background information on terms and topics used in show laser and entertainment industry.
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Glossary, Definitions

Disco Laser

Why are show lasers popular in discos?

Discos are popular places for show laser systems. As most rooms of disocotheques are located in darker surroundings, laser beams are particularly visible and ensure atmospheric lighting effects. Whether a band on stage wants to be put in perspective, or the audience needs an additional incentive to dance on the dance floor, disco lasers are the appropriate instrument to light up the mood in a club.

Which show laser is the best disco laser?

In general, most Laserworld show lasers can be used as disco lasers. Depending on the size of the nightclub, it must be ensured however that the show laser comes with enough power to illuminate the entire disco with its laser show. Disco lasers are particularly popular as projection source of beam shows. If all safety standards are respected, the beam show can also be projected directly into the audience - the so-called audience scanning. Everybody who dances in the middle of the beams feels like they are dancing amidst a sea of light. For disco lasers beam shows are more popular than graphics projections. With graphics projections it is possible to display logos or animations on screens and solid surfaces. Laser beams become especially visible when the air is filled with fog or haze as projection surface. A very special attraction for discos with disco lasers.

Pre-prgrammed show oder live show with disco lasers?

Disco lasers can be used with any kind of music genre. Laser shows can be programmed to slow and fast music and can also be created by a light jockey to live music. These so-called musicsynchronous laser shows don't need to be created in advance. Pre-programmed laser shows on the contrary don't need to be operated during the laser show. Turn the disco laser on, start the show and enjoy the laser show in your venue.

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