In Action: Lasers in Showrooms and at Special Display

Laserworld customers have their own showrooms where they showcase products of the Laserworld Group, displaying laser shows to potential customers. Showroom laser shows are a great way to see the capability of laser show systems, as the circumstances for the laser show can be set to display all the different aspects of a laser show system: Graphics capabilities as well as color fading and linearity are just some of the aspects that can be shown very well in a showroom laser show. Laserworld also brings "mobile showrooms" to many exhibitions of the event industry world wide to be able to showcase the projector quality. The laser shows at exhibitions like Prolight&Sound in Frankfurt or in Guangzhou are well know in the industry and many people come every year to see the latest laser show display of the Laserworld Group at the exhibitions.

Laserworld @ Integrated Systems Europe 2020

Laserworld ISE Amsterdam 2020 Thumb
Laserworld was part of the Integrated Systems Europe Exhibition 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We used this event to show the DMX controllability we added to all our professional laser systems from Laserworld, RTI and tarm. At the Laserworld booth the many interested visitors could have a closer look at 24 x tarm 2.5, 4 x tarm 5 CT + Grating, 2 x tarm 18 and a Piko 28;...Laserworld @ Integrated Systems Europe 2020

Laserworld @ Integrated Systems Europe 2019

Laserworld At ISE Amsterdam 2019   Thumb
Laserworld was part of the Integrated Systems Europe Exhibition 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We used this event for a big announcement: as of February 2019, Laserworld will start the distribution of certain LaserAnimation Sollinger products. For the first time a LaserAnimation Sollinger PHAENON accurate show laser system was shown at a Laserworld booth. These units are especially made for...Laserworld @ Integrated Systems Europe 2019

Laser show at LEA Awards 2018 to Conchita

Lea Awards 2018 Conchita Thumb
Spectacular laser and light show to CONCHITA at the event of the LEA Awards on the PRG stage at Prolight + Sound 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany The Laser show was programmed by laserfabrik GmbH, the lasers used were RTI NEO SIX in a matrix of 24 units with 144 beam outlets. Additionally several RTI NEO ONE were in use. Lighting Design: Jerry Appelt Show: Production Ressource...Laser show at LEA Awards 2018 to Conchita

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