In Action: Lasers at Festivals

Lasers are an important part of the utmost light shows at festivals. Lighting designers use them as emotionalizing, emphasizing effect to catch the crowd and add a visual level to the perception of the music. As festivals use larger numbers of lasers, they usually go for DMX control of the laser systems, which is a perfect match for the ShowNET mainboards in all relevant laser systems that allow for professional yet easy control of laser systems via lighting console.

POST PRODUKCJA TOUR 2022, Lodz, Poland

Dawid Podsiadlo Concert Web Thumb
During the "POST PRODUKCJA TOUR", which took place in eight Polish cities in the fall of 2022, the Polish pop-rock singer and X Factor winner Dawid Podsiadło thrilled the audience with the latest songs from Podsiadło's fourth studio album and at the same time the audience could see an impressive multimedia...POST PRODUKCJA TOUR 2022, Lodz, Poland

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