In Action: Lasers for Mobile DJs and Weddings

Lasers are more and more used by mobile DJs and entertainers at parties, anniversaries and weddings to emotionalize the crowd and add THE "Special effect" to the show. Laserworld's Ecoline and Club Series an even the Diode Series offer mobile DJs and entertainers a large variety of suitable laser systems that don't break the bank and have proven their reliability for many years.

Karl-Heinz' Living Room I

We are happy to present this laser show, created by our customer Karl-Heinz. The laser show takes place directly in the living room of Karl-Heinz! With 2 x  Laserworld CS-1000RGB MK3 and 2 x  Laserworld DS-1000RGB MK2 he programs ...

Acorns Health & Fitness Lordswood Member's Christmas Party

Kent Media Group userd two of their Laserworld DS-1000RGB MK2 for adding special effects to the Acorns Health & Fitness Lordswood Member's Christmas Party! They controlled the inbuilt ShowNET laser mainboard directly through their Avolites desk....

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