About the Laserworld Group

The Laserworld Group is a global group of companies that mainly work in the field of laser systems for show purposes. Learn more about the main companies of the Laserworld Group below:
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Laserworld (Switzerland) AG
Laserworld is a fast-growing company and a worldwide important supplier of showlaser systems. We have a very wide product range starting with low priced and small devices up to high end laser systems for highest demands.
We are proud to offer you a broad product range, which is strategically well positioned in the market. The entire development and production of our laser systems is done in own production lines. Our products are of superior quality at a very high technical level. Furthermore, our laser projectors fulfill all European safety standards including CE, CCC and RoHS certificates.
One of our main strengths is the variability and flexibility to react to changes and customized demands at short notice. This gives us the possibility to offer a large product range, reaching from compact, easy to use lasers to professional laser equipment.

Laserworld has a permanent stock of about 10,000 laser projectors and sells over 4,000 lasers per month. Furthermore, all models are available on very short lead times, even in larger quantities. Due to high purchasing volumes we have been able to lower our prices steadily.

The Laserworld headquarters are located in Switzerland next to the Lake Constance. Our worldwide sales network guarantees perfect service and support.

Business activities

The Laserworld Group covers all areas of development, production, marketing and sales of showlaser systems and accessories. Services like laser shows or show programming, but also installation of huge multimedia projects are in most cases conducted by own staff or staff from Laserworld's subsidiaries. Some projects are also taken over by contracted partners, that only use products of Laserworld's portfolio for those projects.

Company history

The company was founded as Swiss incorporation at the end of 2007. In fact, the roots in the laser light show industry reach far back many years since several of nowadays senior management in the Laserworld Group has already worked in the industry for up to 20 years. Same with the CEO and President of Laserworld, Mr. Martin Werner, who run some show laser companies since 2003 and constantly reaching anual growth rates beyond 100% until the decision was made to form Laserworld (Switzerland) AG as the overall holding under which all companies and activities should be concentrated.

By founding and acquiring subsidiaries worldwide as well as with stabilizing the global partner network, Laserworld could reach a very large, comprehensive coverage in the laser light show industry. By extending the sales offices in overseas, Laserworld targets to exceed a group turnover of 20 Million Swiss Francs in 2013.

Here is a short overview of the company development:

  • Foundation of the company end of 2007 and operative start at 01.01.2008
  • In the following years, a permanent extension of the product portfolio was carried on and an own production line for professional show laser systems was established.
  • Strong positioning of the company in the market through high sales volumes, new technologies and mass production lines, as well as an area wide sales- and supply-chain-network.
  • In March 2010 Laserworld receives the exclusive distribution rights for Phoenix Showcontroller software worldwide.
  • Beginning of 2011: Integration of Ray Technologies GmbH with headquarters in Valley, Germany. Their core business in high end laser projectors with high powers, large events (Olympic games, Expos, etc.), rentals and installations of large project management extends the portfolio of the Laserworld Group.
  • Mid of 2011: Integration of products of Tarm Laser Technologies tlt GmbH & Co. KG as well as of Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. in the product portfolio,
  • Since August 2011: Establishing of subsidiaries in key countries, like e.g. Laserworld Asia Co. Ltd, Laserworld UK Ltd. as well as Laserworld USA Inc.
  • Since beginning of 2012: Extension of the rental pool to over 100 laser systems, which are not only stocked at the Swiss headquarters, but also in Germany, China and the USA.

Facts and figures about the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG

Laserworld (Switzerland) AG is manufacturer, distribution-  and service company in show laser and laser show business. The company is an important market participant in global showlaser industry. Since 2012 Laserworld (Switzerland) AG has subsidiaries in Shenzhen (China), in Manchester (UK), in Spain, Japan, Turkey and Poland.

Laserworld (Switzerland) AG
legal form
Swiss incorporation
headquartersLengwil, Switzerland
CEOMartin Werner (CEO and President)
employeesglobally ca. 80 (headquarters: ca. 35)
branchevents technologies
productsShowlaser systems, laser- and multimedia-shows
postal address
Kreuzlingerstr. 5
CH-8574Lengwil, Switzerland
telephone+41 - 71-6778080
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tarm laser technologies tlt GmbH
tarm® is a very well known brand in the show laser light industry for many years. With being in business for more than 30 years, the tarm® brand is known for high professional laser systems as well as laser shows. tarm® grew big in the era of gas laser systems: Very soon after the invention of laser technology, tarm® started using lasers for entertainment purposes.

With the famous tarm® Center in Bochum, Germany, tarm® has set a milestone in nightlife laser technology implementation in the 1980s. This nightclub was more than a nightclub, it also was a showroom for the latest developments in show laser light industry and thus attracted interested customers from all around the world.

During the past decades tarm® has evolved to a high end show laser light system manufacturing company, that mainly targets professional and high-end customers with their products. Since 2016, tarm® laser technologies tlt GmbH & Co. KG is a Laserworld Company and thus a member of the Laserworld Group. Since then, tarm was able to focus on product and technology development. Together with RTI, tarm® pushes the R&D of professional laser systems within the Laserworld Group.

The headquartes of tarm® tlt are located in Herne, Germany, near Bochum and Dortmund.

More about tarm: www.tarm.com
tarm building
tarm building
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Ray Technologies GmbH
The Ray Technologies GmbH (RTI) is a Laserworld company and located in Valley near Munich, Germany. RTI is well-known for their high-end laser systems all around the world. Their core competencies are the development of electronics components, special enclosures and the manufacturing of high end laser systems. The high precision laser diode array modules manufactured by RTI are used by other members of the Laserworld Group in their projectors as well.

RTI is a certified Coherent Genesis Taipan OPSL integrator for many years. The ultra-compact driver for the OPSL cavities is very demanded and is extraordinary powerful. The small size of this driver as well as of the rest of RTI's electronics developments allow for small footprint devices even in very high laser power ranges of more than 100W output power.

The Laserworld Group's R&D for professional products is mainly done at RTI, which lead to world's first releases of new technologies like with the RTI VELOX or the RTI NEO Series.
Ray Technologies has professional production facilities with own CNC milling machine, electronics components assembly stations, workspaces for fine tuning of optical components and automated assembly machinery. A pool of selected suppliers ensure high end quality of the components and parts used in RTI-built laser systems and components.

More about RTI: www.raytechnologies.com
RTI building
Richard Schäfer

Head of Sales Laserworld Group

Bachelor in Applied Physics

Responsible for international customers and different key markets with focus on French speaking clients.
Work experience in the entertainment branch and expert in pyrotechnics.


+41 71 677 80 87

Mail to Richard Schäfer

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Portrait Denis Phoenix
Denis Phoenix

Sales Director Laserworld Group

Higher Diploma for Audio & Video Systems

Leader of the UK office and responsible for the key markets in the Middle East, Africa and Australia.
Expert for laser systems and installations. Work experience in the entertainment branch and as sales director.


+44 (0)161 872 0272

Mail to Denis Phoenix

Portrait Lee Macfarlane
Lee Allan Macfarlane

International Sales Manager

Sales employee and responsible for the key markets in Continental Europe, UK, Russia and South Africa. 
Work experience in sales and customer service management in the leisure industry as well as in event companies.


+44 (0)161 872 0272

Mail to Lee Allan Macfarlane

Portrait Daniel Patricio
Daniel Patricio

Managing Director Laserworld Ibérica

Managing Director of Laserworld IBÉRICA and responsible for all brands of the Laserworld Group in Portugal, Spain, Italy, South America and Central America . Expert in Project & Buisness Management.


Mail to Daniel Patricio

Tel.: +34 910-059-459

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Adam Waloszczyk

Managing Director Laserworld Poland

Managing Director of the Polish office and responsible for the Polish market.
Work experience in the light and sound industry.


+48 660 614 593

Mail to Adam Waloszczyk

polish english
Yu Suzuki

Managing Director Laserworld Japan

Managing Director of the Tokyo office and responsible for the Japanese market.
Work experience in the laser show industry.


+81 50-3706-5725

Mail to Yu Suzuki

us  ja
Shunsuke Naoshima

Technical Director Laserworld Japan

Technical Director of the Tokyo office and responsible for the Japanese market.
Work experience in the laser show industry.


+81 50-3706-5725

Mail to Shunsuke Naoshima

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V. S. Giridhar Kumar

Laserworld India Head of Sales

Giridhar Kumar works as a Sales Manager for Laserworld INDIA and is responsible for sales and support on the Indian subcontinent.


Phone: +91 044 438 010 03
Mobile: +91 984 116 76 85

Mail to Giridhar Kumar

en en
Michael Xu

Managing Director Laserworld China

Managing Director of Laserworld CHINA and responsible for the Chinese market of professional show laser systems. 
Work experience as sales manager in various companies.


+86 755 86142605
+86 755 86142559

Mail to Michael Xu

zh en
Kevin Wang

Technical Director Laserworld China

Technical support and contact person of Laserworld CHINA for customers with technical questions.
Work experience as a technician in various companies.


+86 755 86142605
+86 755 86142559

Mail to Kevin Wang

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Duran Kurt

Managing Director Laserworld Turkey

Managing Director of the Antalya office and responsible for the Turkish market.
Work experience in the light and sound industry.


+90 533 377 001 0

Mail to Duran Kurt

tr us
Portrait Alexander Pokorny
Alexander Pokorny

Team Leader Marketing

Magister Artium & MBA International Management

Responsible for Laserworld's websites, social media and various print and online marketing topics.
Work experience in various companies.


+41 71 677 80 86

Mail to Alexander Pokorny

de en
Martin Flemke

Marketing Manager

Responsible for content management, Laserworld's websites and various print and online marketing topics.
Work experience in various companies.


+41 71 677 80 80

Mail to Martin Flemke

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Richard Krumhus

CEO tarm tlt GmbH

+49 (0)2325 56 99 32 10
Mail to Richard Krumhus

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max muehlehner
Max Mühlehner

Production Manager
petra ciecka
Petra Ciecka


andreas eirainer
Andreas Eirainer


thomas essensfelder
Thomas Essensfelder

Production & Development
johannes schnitzenbaumer
Johannes Schnitzenbaumer

Karl-Heinz Käs

Company Founder RTI & Expert technician
Portrait Wolfgang Dekassian
Wolfgang Dekassian

Operations Manager

Adrian Oehler

Service & Logistics Manager
robert eixenberger
Robert Eixenberger

petr cinkanic
Petr Cinkanic


Denisa Mako

Accounting & Office Management

M.A. Accounting & Finance

Responsible for accounting and  finances.Work experience in various companies.


+41 71 677 80 96

Mail to Denisa Marko

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Portrait Martin Werner
Martin Werner
Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Laserworld (Switzerland) AG and head of the Laserworld Group.

+41 71 677 80 83
Mail to Martin Werner
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Portrait Norbert Stangl
Norbert Stangl
Chief Marketing Officer

Master of Business Administration (FH)

Responsible for international marketing, product development software and controls, IT and company development. Work experience inter alia at Daimler AG and a consulting company.

+41 71 677 80 82
Mail to Norbert Stangl
de en fr
Portrait Christian Clemens
Christian Clemens
Chief Operating Officer

Bachelor of Transportation and Organization (ICC)
Bachelor of International Management (B.A.)

Responsible for the operational business, logistics and purchase. Work experience at several internationally active companies.

+41 71 677 80 95
Mail to Christian Clemens
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Distributed brands:

Distributed Brand LaserworldDistributed Brand tarmdistributed brand Ray Technologies
Distributed Brand Laserworld ShoweditorDistributed Brand ShowcontrollerDistributed Brand PangolinDistributed Brand coherent