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Laserworld has launched "Showcontroller", a new, professional lasershow and multimedia software. It's intuitive and easy to use and therefore this ILDA software is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. 
Showcontroller was designed as suite including 5 different parts which are well-matched. The laser control software consists of:

  1. Showcontroller LIVE for live control of laser shows.
  2. Program own timeline and media-based laser shows with Showcontroller RealTime.
  3. Showcontroller PicEdit aids in creating laser optimized graphics.
  4. Convert pixel-based pictures like logos and drawings into laser graphics with Showcontroller Tracer.
  5. Vector-based pictures can be converted into laser compatible files by using Showcontroller SVG-Tool.   

Two verions of Showcontroller are now available. The regular version of "Showcontroller" supports up to three Laserworld ShowNet hardware interfaces (DAC), while "Showcontroller PLUS" supports more hardware interfaces (DAC) of different types: ShowNet, Netlase, Netlase LC, Easylase II, Easylase LC, and Phoenix Micro USB V1. All interfaces can also work with DMX in/out signals. 
Showcontroller Laser Controll Software

Further information about Showcontroller, hardware requirements, and prices can be found here 


Laserworld just released the Laserworld PL-5500RGB Outdoor, a new, professional laser system, which is the first of its sort in Laserworld's product range. It has been especially designed for outdoor logo, text, and architecture projections. The laser system is built into a rain proof enclosure and includes a Pangolin FB4 interface that can be preprogrammed for automatic (standalone) operation. In addition, this pure diode laser system can also be controlled live via a computer. 
High power, good white balancelinear color fading and fast scanners provide high visibility and clear graphics, text and logo projections.
The Laserworld PL-5500RGB Outdoor comes with a special wall mounting for fixed installations. Available now!

Further informations can be found here:

Laserworld PL 5500RGB Outdoor

At the beginning of August, Atenlaser, a specialist company in laser module development and focus on laser optics, joined the Laserworld Group. Atenlaser will join forces with the product development team at Ray Technologies (RTI) to form an expert team of laser specialists.

Jordi Luque, CEO of Atenlaser: “Atenlaser has many years of experience in developing high precision laser modules with a special focus on optical components. I am very happy for getting the opportunity to joining the expert team at RTI to participate in the future development of their excellent products. It will be very exciting!”

Atenlaser’s headquarters will remain situated in Barcelona, Spain.  Laserworld Group’s core product development department for high end laser systems is located near Munich at Ray Technologies GmbH (RTI).

Visit Atenlaser online:

atenlaser laserworld group web

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