The Laserworld Group and PRO LAB Trading LLC have embarked on a new venture to distribute laser systems throughout the Middle East. As one of the key distribution companies in the region for entertainment technology, PRO LAB's well-established network aligns seamlessly with the Laserworld Group's extensive array of laser systems, ranging from basic models to premium-quality lasers.

Denis Phoenix, the Sales Director at Laserworld, remarked, "It is great that we found such a strong, well-respected partner in the Middle East region, with offices in many countries with highly trained staff. It will be a great benefit to have a good stock holding in the region for quicker delivery and support for our customers. PRO LAB has a proven track record in the region, and our products perfectly complement their range of distributed products."

PRO LAB Trading LLC is set to exclusively distribute Laserworld and tarm branded laser systems, along with ShowNET and Showcontroller products. This agreement positions them as the favored distributor for the high-end laser systems from RTI and LaserAnimation Sollinger.

Expressing his anticipation for this collaboration, Rony Dagher, COO of PRO LAB Trading LLC, stated, "We are looking forward to a great partnership. The products of the Laserworld Group give us a complete portfolio of different laser systems we can specifically choose from for projects and customer requests. The partnership gives us the flexibility and opportunities we need for our growing markets in the Middle East region."

This partnership was activated immediately following the signing of the distribution agreement in October 2023.

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