ILD Render supports direct output to the ShowNET laser mainboard

ILD Render is an innovative tool for laser show professionals to convert vector graphics and animations of Blender and InkScape, both 2D and 3D, to laser compatible files. The challenge with doing this is optimizing the vectors in a way that the laser can properly display them without having to draw too many points and thus have flickering laser output. Therefore it is essential to have a direct output from the laser while creating content.

With it’s latest upgrade ILD Render supports direct output to the ShowNET laser mainboard, which is standard in many laser systems, e.g. the Laserworld Diode and Purelight Series as well as in the tarm units or RTI devices. ILD Render is also compatible to the external ShowNET interface, which can be used with any laser system with ILDA interface.

The integration to ILD Render opens up a lot of new possibilities: Blender is THE open source 3D animation software and InkScape is THE open source vector drawing tool. Both are very common amongst visual content creators.

With using ILD Render for creating 2D or 3D content with the use of Blender or InkScape it is possible to directly create standard ILDA files, which are compatible to pretty much every laser software in the market, including Showeditor and Showcontroller.


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