TouchDesigner supports direct output to ShowNET laser mainboards

TouchDesigner, a renowned real-time interactive multimedia content and mapping software tool, has recently integrated direct laser output support for the popular ShowNET laser mainboard. This integration marks a significant advancement in the realm of multimedia and laser show production. ShowNET, a leading mainboard used in numerous laser systems, boasts widespread availability with tens of thousands of interfaces globally.

As a node-based development platform, TouchDesigner excels in transforming and modifying content from various sources, enabling it to be output to the same or different media types. Its capacity to "convert anything into anything" positions it as an invaluable tool for mapping applications, media integration, and comprehensive control over multiple media formats. The addition of direct connectivity to the ShowNET laser mainboard significantly expands TouchDesigner's media compatibility, streamlining the integration process in multimedia projects.

Connecting TouchDesigner to a laser system equipped with a ShowNET mainboard, or to an external ShowNET interface, is remarkably straightforward. It requires only a standard LAN infrastructure, which could be as simple as a direct LAN cable connecting the computer to the laser. This eliminates the need for additional licenses or extra hardware components, offering a hassle-free connection setup. Once connected, TouchDesigner automatically detects ShowNET mainboards within the network and allows them to be selected as output devices directly within the software. The system is capable of managing up to 40 ShowNET mainboards within a single physical network, with the potential to handle even more when multiple physical LANs or V-LANs are connected.

Developed by the Canadian company Derivative, TouchDesigner represents a leap forward in multimedia software, offering seamless integration with advanced laser technology. This collaboration between TouchDesigner and ShowNET opens up new possibilities for artists, designers, and professionals in the field of multimedia and laser show production.

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