TouchDesigner compatible with ShowNET laser mainboard

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What is TouchDesigner?

TouchDesigner is a node-based visual programming environment for multimedia applications. Artists and designers can use TouchDesigner to easily create content without deeper knowledge of programming. TouchDesigner can be used to take any digital input, like pictures, videos, sound, vector files, information from sensors or real time data, then add modifiers to that content, which can also be combined and have a multitude of adjustment options, and then route the result to different outputs – which can be totally different to the input. So in principle it is possible to transform “anything to anything”.

Touchdesigner example

TouchDesigner is used for creating interactive media systems, live music visuals, architectural projections, video mappings, laser mappings, or simply rapid-prototyping creativity.

With its visual programming approach, based on different nodes that get connected, it is easy to learn and comes with substantial professional features as well. The depth of the possibilities provided by TouchDesigner makes it a great tool even for extremely large projects.

TouchDesigner has a native integration of the ShowNET laser mainboard. This means, that it automatically detects all ShowNETs that are connected to the network of the computer. This can be physical networks (official limit of 40 ShowNETs per physical network), but also VLANs to combine hundreds of ShowNET equipped lasers to TouchDesigner.

No additional software is required to run in the background, no additional licenses need to be purchased on top.

TouchDesigner is free to use for private and non-commercial projects, but has limited output resolution if no  license is purchased.

TouchDesigner is available for Windows as well as Mac OS platforms.

Touchdesigner in use

About the TouchDesigner software project

TouchDesigner is a software developed by Derivative, a Canadian company. The company was founded in 2000, with the first releases of the TouchDesigner software between 2002 and 2007. It has significantly evolved since and became a state-of-the art, powerful software.

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Directly Compatible Laser Systems to Touchdesigner:

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