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10 years of changing the industry – 10 years Laserworld AG

Throughout the past 10 years, the show laser light industry has undergone, and still undergoes, a significant change process: The manufacturing of show laser light systems has separated from the laser show creation and laser show production. Some of the formerly big names in the industry have vanished or have been sold. Technological developments made home-building of show laser light systems uneconomical, lead to a significant price drop for laser systems in general and provided new opportunities for high precision manufacturing specialists to develop more and more advanced laser source technology.

Throughout the past 10 years, the Laserworld AG with its Laserworld Group actively took part in the change process of the industry: Technological and product innovations combined with a holistic economical approach quickly lead to significant market shares and made the Laserworld Group being one of the largest show laser light manufacturing and distribution companies in the world.

How everything started:

Martin Werner, the founder and CEO of the Laserworld AG, started with changing the markets by importing custom-built or custom-modified low-priced laser systems from China. Soon own production lines were established, the product portfolio grew year by year and end of 2007 Laserworld AG was founded at Lake Constance, right next to the border to Germany.

The establishment of a management structure for the company in 2009 paved the way for the Laserworld Group as global group of different companies with different responsibilities under the roof of the Laserworld AG.

In 2008 Laserworld began to use SwissLas high precision diode array modules in red and blue for the high professional product ranges. The significant price drop for the blue 445nm diodes in 2010 made the development of the extremely compact Pure Micro laser systems possible, which initiated a general downsizing run in the industry. In 2011 Ray Technologies (RTI) became part of the Laserworld Group, as well as Laserworld UK, Laserworld China and Laserworld USA. More international entities, like Laserworld Ibérica, Laserworld Korea, Laserworld India, Laserworld Turkey as well as Laserworld Asia have been added to the Laserworld Group through the following years.

End of 2015, tarm laser technologies joined the Laserworld Group, too. Meanwhile the central logistics center of the Laserworld Group as well as the central Service Center have been moved to Valley (Bavaria) in Germany.

What made Laserworld that successful?

It were the customers. And understanding the customers’ demands.
Unlike many other companies in the laser show industry, Laserworld did not grow from a small workshop, where a technician built laser units to use them for his own shows.
Laserworld grew from an economical approach towards a technical topic: Offering show laser light systems for different customer groups meeting the specific demands of each group. Synergetic effects within the company group as well as volume-based sourcing allowed for a very competitive price structure and a high level of standardization and streamline processes.

Laserworld hired experts in their field of business: Expert technicians, logistics experts, Sales professionals and Marketing magicians. That way the expert technicians do not need to do anything other than being experts in laser system development and manufacturing of high end units, which improved efficiency to the max.

What will the future be?

Laserworld knows the show laser light market very particularly. New innovations became rare and only the larger companies were able to push product development further. The base technologies used by many smaller manufacturers are not the same as the technologies large scale high end manufacturers like RTI use, as the technological development of laser diode arrays has in fact gone much further than just combining single laser sources - it’s not possible to achieve this technological level without significant investment into product development any more.

The expansion of the Laserworld Group has not ended yet: New sales offices in different markets will be established and more partners will join our network, and potentially also the Group itself.

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Congratulations from ProlightSound for 10 years web

Last year, the modular RTI NEO ONE show laser devices were presented on prolight + sound 2017. This year, they were a big part of the highlight show on PRG stage for prolight + sound 2018.

The RTI NEO ONE units can be integrated very easily into existing control options with DMX / ArtNET. The other main feature of the devices is the design as a multi-projector-system, where several units can be attached to each other and to the PSU with an easy quick-lock mechanism. Due to their octagonal shape, the laser displays can be arranged in many different shapes, e.g. circles or high power laser arrays.

The RTI NEO ONE is a powerful white light RGB laser projector with 3.3 W. Up to six show lasers run with only one PSU and a combined power of nearly 20 W per meter. This makes them even suitable for large scale applications.
Besides the DMX control, the RTI NEO ONE offers direct control via laser control software and a built-in controller with several other playback features. With the including free software, ILDA patterns can be created and displayed.

The high scan speed of 45 kpps@8°ILDA allows for graphics and logo projections.

Due to dimensions of 220 x 185 x 185 mm and a weight of 6.5 kg, the RTI NEO ONE is very compact and lightweight for easy travelling and a fast set-up.

The RTI NEO ONE was especially designed for the usage as an array, maxtrix or other shapes with several RTI NEO ONE devices combined.
This is why lighting designers and professional production campanies use RTI NEO ONE laser displays for innovative lighting effects and designs.

Have a look at the RTI NEO ONE devices in action:
More information on the RTI NEO ONE show laser systems:


RTI NEO ONE Mounting Options web

This year's prolight + sound exhibition in Frankfurt was once again a great success and this is why the entire Laserworld Group would like to thank everyone who played their part and visited us!

From April 10th to April 13th 2018, Messe Frankfurt was all about light and sound. Laserworld Group was an even bigger part of it compared to the last years, as it hosted the official live talk, celebrated its 10th birthday on this occasion and not only presented new products, but also caused a sensation with a large booth party on Thursday.
The set-up was connected with hard work and a lot of sweat, but the first laser shows on Monday and many praising words of the visitors in the course of the four days, this was fully worthwile.
Here you can watch a 360° video with a tour through hall 5.0, showing what the booths looked like on April 8th, two days before the first visitor day:

On Monday evening, the annual Live Entertainment Awards (LEA) were presented at the beginning of prolight + sound. On this occasion the band Scooter and Conchita performed on PRG stage. Laserworld Group was represented on stage in form of several RTI show laser systems and provided the ideal accompaniment for the artists.
Our partner laserfabrik used several RTI NANO 30 show lasers for Scooter, as you can see in this video here:

For conchita, laserfabrik used a laser matrix of 24 RTI NEO SIX show lasers with 144 beam outlets as a special highlight. In addition, several RTO NEO ONE show laser units were used. The video speaks for itself:

On the days of the exhibition, the PRG stage impressed every half hour with its highlight show, to which all of the above-metioned show lasers were used. Besides the 60 show laser systems of the Laserworld Group, the audience also got to see an acrobat, who was illuminated by the laser lights. The enthusiasm of the numerous spectators is a very special praise four our many years of work and a sign that we will continue our way to shine with innovative products every year and not rest on our laures. See for yourself the first-class show of our partner laserfabrik:

Besides the laser displays for the PRG stage, the Laserworld Group was represented with two booths at the prolight + sound 2018. Not only there were presented new, revised versions of the Diode Series and the Purelight Series, but visitors could also get an overview of many other products, like the modular RTI NEO ONE laser systems, talk with our experts from all over the world, marvel at a wall with laser mapping and try out the Laserworld Showeditor for themselves at the smaller booth.
Those who got thirsty from the many possibilities at the exhibition could refresh themselves at our bar with a big selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

On Thursday, 12.04., the Laserworld Group had the honour of hosting the official live talk of the prolight + sound. With many guests from different branches and the director of prolight + sound, Michael Biwer, a summary of this year's exhibiton was drawn, the latest highlights were presented and Laserworld Group got congratulated on its 10th anniversary.
See the re-live here (first half in German, second half in English):

On Thursday evening the Laserworld booth was transformed from an interview zone into a small discotheque with sound equipment, professional DJs and plenty to drink. Until late into the night we celebrated, danced and made new friends.

If you didn't have time to visit the exhibition, you can get a small overview of the halls with this 360° video:

All in all, the prolight + sound 2018 was a great success for the Laserworld Group and we are already looking forward to next year!

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