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The first Infinity Summer Festival took place on August 8th in Shanghai, being the first interactive carnival themed music festival there: The festival was EDM oriented, with a lot of house and trance music.

The laser show was a central visual element of the event, so the organizers decided to go for high end laser gear of Swiss and German manufacturing: 10 x SwissLas PM-10.000RGB lasers as well as 6 x RTI PIKO RGB 18 were used to make this festival more than spectacular. This whole laser setup had an overall laser power of more than 200W laser power and went very well with the video walls and conventional lighting, as the power was more than sufficient to cover the whole festival area.

Big names like Roger Shah, Dzeko & Torres, Alvaro, Genix and Ben Nicky formed the line-up for the Infinity Summer Festival in Shanghai and made it a great success!

Infinity Festival Shanghai 2015 0002
Infinity Festival Shanghai 2015 0001
Infinity Festival Shanghai 2015 0003
Infinity Festival Shanghai 2015 0004
Laserworld is proud to present the new Laserworld CS-1000RGB MKII as follower of the CS-1000RGB. The new device has been completely redesigned and the  expectations are high, as the CS-1000RGB was probably the highest selling RGB show laser light product with computer control ever.

 “We have high expectations of the new MKII, as the development needed to match performance, quality and price in that product. It should still be the entry-level product for white light RGB and computer controllable show laser light systems, but with a modernized housing and improved technology. The price stays in the same range, but the laser system has more power, especially in green color, and improved preset patterns.” says Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group.

Comparing the CS-1000RGB MKII to the previous model, not only the housing has been changed significantly, but also some important details were improved: The mounting bracket of the new MKII appears to be very rugged. It can be used for upright mounting of the laser on a tripod as well. 

The Laserworld CS-1000RGB MKII power ranges from 800 – 1000mW, with >200mW/650nm red, >70mW/532nm green and >530mW/445nm blue. The scanning system is graphics capable and suitable for projecting basic logos and texts as well as abstracts. Together with fog or haze in the air the Laserworld CS-1000RGB MKII creates awesome beam and wave effects. Liquid sky effects are possible as well as multi colored beam effects  - together with software control all kinds of patterns can be created and displayed through the MKII.

The housing itself is smaller than the predecessor, and it’s more of a cube shape. Especially small rental companies and mobile DJs will appreciate this fact, as the stowing size is really small, and nightclubs take advantage of the small size as the unit better fits the interior design.

More details about the Laserworld CS-1000RGB MKII can be found on the manufacturer’s website:

Laserworld CS 1000RGB MKII
Ray Technologies developed a new professional and durable aluminium housing for the Flashback 4 (FB-4) so this interface is now usable as external solution.
Ray Technologies (RTI) manufactures this new interface in Germany at their premises near Munich.
The Pangolin FB-4 is a new interface for certain Pangolin lasershow software products, which works as network solution. 

It is the follower product of the and designed for high performance application. Several FB-4 interfaces can be connected with normal network switches.

The RTI FB-4 is available for Pangolin Quickshow or for Pangolin BEYOND, and it is available in different configurations, each providing additional features: Standard, DMX, IDLA and MAX.

RTI’s FB-4 interface can be used with any ILDA compatible laser show projector.

The small RTI FB-4 interface box can be placed directly at the laser (it is snap-on compatible to the RTI PIKO and RTI NANO remote pad attachment slot) and then connected to the ILDA IN port of the laser system with a short ILDA cable (0.5m short black ILDA cable available at Laserworld).

To maintain maximum flexibility in the use of show laser light systems it is recommended to use an external FB-4 interface rather than building it into the laser itself.

More details on the RTI FB-4 can be found on the Laserworld website (Ray Technologies is a Laserworld company):

RTI FB 4 at projector 1

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