World’s first RGB white light, analog modulated beam array with real scanner was recently released by RTI. With the RTI NEO SIX RGB lighting effect it is possible to create completely new effects like wave effects of parallel beams, three-dimensional twist of beams and spectacular color fades. This beam array is a new lighting effect and a great new option for stage productions. It has been especially developed for professional touring and production companies.

Visitors of this year’s prolight+sound got a first idea of the RTI NEO SIX RGB since lighting designer Jerry P. Appelt integrated 12 devices into the multimedia show at the PRG/LEA Stage. The 72 single laser beams of the 12 devices could be controlled individually by DMX in 16bit fine positioning mode.

It’s a huge advantage that each beam can be set through DMX to an individual zero position and the position can even be saved. This features makes it easy to set beam positions e.g. on mirrors and it is a safe way to avoid manual beam aligning when the units are already set up at a truss.

Besides beam positioning and beam movement effects, additional basic effects e.g. circles to create tunnel effects or lines to create lines can be projected with each output. Even these built-in patterns can be triggered by DMX. The effect becomes most spectacular when several NEO SIX play side by side.

Use this link for details on the RTI NEO SIX RGB


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