ShowNET API / SDK available

You can now let your software directly output to the ShowNET laser mainboard, which is standard built into a multitude of laser systems!

Software API released for ShowNET laser mainboard

ShowNET API SDK webLaserworld released the API for direct communication of applications with their standard laser mainboard ShowNET, which is core to many laser systems in the market now. ShowNET is an intelligent laser mainboard, that provides laser systems with a multitude of control features, like stand alone operation, DMX, ArtNET, ILDA Streaming, but also direct computer control via LAN.

Various laser control software programs already support the laser mainboard, like Showeditor or Showcontroller, but there are also integrations to widely used multimedia tools, like MadMapper and their MadLaser extension.

With being the mainboard to a large range of laser systems for several years, ShowNET is a well-established hardware component in the show industry. Making this hardware directly accessible for more and different control software systems allows for integrations to more and new laser control projects.

The ShowNET API / SDK is available for Windows x86 and x64 Systems as well as for Mac OSX with Intel and M1 processors. Software developers who are interested in making use of the new ShowNET API /SDK can find more details here and register for receiving more details and individual access keys:

Many popular laser systems have this ShowNET laser mainboard integrated as standard:

- Laserworld Diode Series
- Laserworld Purelight Series
- tarm Series
- RTI PIKO Series
- RTI NANO Series
and more.

The ShowNET laser mainboard is also available as external hardware interface that outputs to the standard ILDA analog ports. That way it is compatible to pretty much all computer controllable laser systems in the market.

The ShowNET laser interface is in the market for many years. Even older hardware can be accessed with the new API, if the latest firmware is applied to the ShowNET – hardware even dating back to 2015 is made compatible and can be controlled.

Laserworld makes the ShowNET hardware available to custom integrators, too: It is offered as ShowNET OEM integration kit and can be integrated to any conventional laser system.


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