We've expanded our semi-professional Club Series at Laserworld with two high-power laser devices: the CS-8000RGB FX and the CS-12.000RGB FX. These multi-color RGB laser systems of ours can project bright white light and are equipped with fast scanners for basic graphics display. We use diode-only lasers in these systems, and they can be operated in various modes like DMX, stand-alone, and sound-to-light. They're also compatible with professional ILDA computer control, working seamlessly with interfaces like ShowNET and software including Showeditor or Showcontroller, as well as other ILDA software.

In these high-power models, similar to our smaller 2W and 4W units, we've included a built-in effect wheel with burst and line effects gratings. These gratings multiply the projection and create stunning, room-filling effects, controllable automatically or via DMX.

The LAserworld CS-8000RGB FX has a guaranteed output power of 7,300mW, with color details of 1,800mW/638nm red, 1,800mW/520nm green, and 3,700mW/450nm blue. The CS-12.000RGB FX, on the other hand, boasts an output power of 11,000mW, consisting of 2,600mW/638nm red, 2,900mW/520nm green, and 5,500mW/450nm blue. Both systems feature beam specifications of 5 mm and 1.4 mrad, and their scanners are rated at 28kpps @ 8° ILDA, ensuring smooth scanning and basic graphics capabilities.

We designed these high-power Club Series units to be affordable laser solutions for intense power needs in large nightclubs and small to medium-sized festivals. Despite their raw power, they are very durable and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Laserworld CS 8000RGB FX CS 12000RGB FX

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