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Laser Beam

Laser beams are electromagnetic waves between 400 nm and 700 nm wavelength, created through stimulated emission. Light is a wave consisting of short...

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Laser Effect

What is a laser effect? Most show lasers come with integrated lighting effects which are displayed automatically or manually. Such laser effects...

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Laser Light

What is laser light? Laser light defines a laser beam in the visible spectrum (between 400 and 700nm wavelength). Often the term is used to...

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Laser Rainbow

What is a Laser Rainbow? A laser rainbow defines a multi colored beam or layer projection with show laser light systems, that has the colors in the...

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Laser Screen

What is a Laser Screen? Laser effects, graphics, texts, etc. must be displayed on different kinds of projection surfaces. Also screens may serve as...

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Laser Show

What does Laser Show mean? The term "Laser show" can define two different things: In most cases it means an entertainment event where the laser...

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What is a Laserist? A laserist designs, creates and controls a laser show. A laserist needs at least a show laser projector. For programming own...

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What is a LaserMan? A LaserMan is a show performer who dances inside a laser suit and among laser beams. The LaserMan and the laser beams will move...

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LSO is the abbreviation for Laser Safety Officer>>> see definition Laser Safety Officer >>>

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