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Show Laser Safety Laser safety is an important issue while dealing with laser systems. Laser radiation can cause damage on eyes, skin and textiles....

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Safety Button

What is a Safety Button? A laser safety button serves to interrupt the current supply manually in case of emergency. Safety buttons are mainly used...

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Safety Rope

What is a Safety Rope? A safety cable is a wire cable that secures objects like headlights, moving heads and show laser systems from dropping in...

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Safety Zone

What is a Safety Zone? As show laser systems can be harmful for human skin / eyes, professional laser show software offers the opportunity to set...

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What is a scanner? A scanner is a device that scans and measures objects systematically to generate an overall image. Laser systems use scanners to...

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Show Laser

What is a show laser? The term "Show laser" is used to describe laser light systems for entertainment purposes. Show laser systems are very...

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Show Lazer

What is a show lazer? The term "show lazer" describes laser light systems for entertainment purposes and is used synonymously for the more common...

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Sky Laser

What is a sky laser? Sky lasers are show laser systems used outdoor to make a certain point visible and exposed from a long distance. The term "sky...

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Stage Laser

What is a stage laser? A stage laser is mainly, but not exclusively, used on a stage in order to make an event with a laser show appealing.The...

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