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Show Laser Glossary, Definitions & Explanations

This Glossary shall provide general definitions for terms used on this website as well as give some background information on terms and topics used in show laser and entertainment industry.
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Glossary, Definitions


What is a scanner?

A scanner is a device that scans and measures objects systematically to generate an overall image. Laser systems use scanners to position or steer the laser beam. Show laser systems use galvanometer scanners (galvo systems). Galvanometer scanners are rotary drives consisting of a motor (moving magnet technology) combined with a position detector. The galvanometer principle is used for the fast positioning of laser mirrors in order to diffract the laser beam in a certain direction.
Scanners consist of two of these galvos: one for the horizontal, one for the vertical deflection of the laser beam.

Different kinds of Scanner Blocks

scanner block 001scanner block 002scanner block 003

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