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Laserworld´s partners offer many kinds of different components for maintenance, repair or build-up-from-scratch of show laser light projectors.
The core of each laser light projector is the / are the laser source(s): Different technologies are available - basically all state of the art laser source solutions. We don't offer any gas laser systems as those don't play any role any more in show laser light industry nowadays.
To create any kind of projections it is essential to have high quality, high precision scanner systems (galvos) - not only own high quality solutions, but also big brand's products like RTI and Cambridge Technology.
For additional control options and enhanced features, there are different kinds of control boards or interfaces, e.g. the well-known Pangolin FB3SE interface or the MicroNET Card for Phoenix Showcontroller operation.
To actually mount laser sources, combine beams and control temperature inside a laser housing, there are also different small parts and accessories available.

Laser Components available on request:

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RTI Laser Components

Scanner / Galvos

Scanner and Galvo systems are the part of a show laser light system, that creates patterns, graphics, texts, etc. by deflecting the one, single laser beam that comes from the laser sources. Whereas the laser sources provide the actual laser light, the scanners, or so called "Galvos" (Galvanometers) do the x and y deflection. As it is only one single beam that is deflected, this needs to happen extremely fast to make it look like one image for human eye. That's why the quality of the scanning system is in direct relation to the amount of flickering of the projection.
The scan speed of a scanner is usually given in kpps (kilo points per second), however other values give more detailed information on the quality of high end scanning systems.
Laserworld Group sells scanners of different brands, besides the ones of Ray technologies also the very well known Cambridge Technology (CT) Galvos.

Boards / Controller

It is possible to directly wire an ILDA input signal to the corresponding laser sources and the scanning system, however this also limits the capability of a self-built laser system. That's why Laserworld Group offers additional boards and controllers that add new features to the bare laser system.
There are software dependent solutions, like the Pangolin FB3SE or the NET board for Phoenix Showcontroller operation, but also independent solutions for other applications, like safety features or optical effects.

Optical Components

Optical components like dichroic filters, achromats and lenses, AR-coated glass, aspheric lenses, grating optics, polarization optics, optical mirrors, and beam splitters.

Mounts / Hardware Parts

Hardware parts like mirror mounts, scanner mounts and parts of scanning systems, and collimators.

Accessories / Small Parts

For building, maintaining or refurbishing a show laser light projector many small parts are necessary: The laser sources need sufficient cooling and heating, the beam combination needs to be handled and the power supplies cannot be spared. Laserworld Group offers a variety of cooling fins, fans, TECs, optical components and accessories in the show laser light parts shop.