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This Glossary shall provide general definitions for terms used on this website as well as give some background information on terms and topics used in show laser and entertainment industry.
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Glossary, Definitions

Stage Laser

What is a stage laser?

A stage laser is mainly, but not exclusively, used on a stage in order to make an event with a laser show appealing.
The stage laser can be mounted at the top of the trusses of a stage as well as on the floor or in the lower part of the stage, e. g. a music box. Contrary to its name, the stage laser does not necessarily have to be directed towards the stage - comparable to a spotlight. But in compliance with local safety regulations, however, it is also possible that the stage laser can shoot its laser beams out of the stage area. This can create atmospheric effects in the audience that will feel right in the middle of the stage show.
A stage laser rarely comes alone. Already two stage lasers provide a symmetric arrangement for inspiring lighting effects, which lend additional brilliance to the events on stage. With each additional stage laser, the laser show is extended by a component that provides even more brilliance. Thus, beam shows and graphic projections on and in front of the stage are possible simultaneously.

Where is a stage laser used?

If the action on the stage takes place in broad daylight, it may be advisable to use one or more fog machines depending on the output of the stage laser to increase the visibility of the laser beams. Stage lasers have already been used for musical events, dance and ballet choreographies, festivals, tours, TV shows, film screenings, readings, theatre productions and many other events. Due to the flexible application possibilities, a stage laser is suitable for almost all kinds of events. With a stage laser, a logo or text can be projected onto the wall, or an entire story can be told by animated graphics.

Which show laser is suitable as a stage laser?

Most show lasers are also suitable as stage lasers. Depending on the size of the stage, time of day of the event and the type of laser show, however, certain laser devices are more suitable than others. If the stage is outdoors, for example, or if the stage is not covered, a laser system with a protection class that distinguishes the housing of the laser as weatherproof and waterproof is suitable. On a large stage with a huge audience area, where the rear seats are several hundred meters away from the stage, it is worth purchasing a more powerful laser projector so that the laser show is clearly visible. Thanks to their high-end scanning systems, some lasers are also better suited for graphic projections than other lasers.
It is therefore advisable to select the stage laser according to the overall concept of the show taking place on stage.

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