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Show Laser Glossary, Definitions & Explanations This Glossary shall provide general definitions for terms used on this website as well as give some background information on terms and topics used in show laser and entertainment industry.
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What is a multimedia show?

A multimedia show is an entertainment event where several forms of media, such as audio, video, light etc. are included. Show laser projections, as beams, graphics and texts, are combined with effects like fire, pyrotechnics, water, video projections, music and the like. All these effects create impressive multimedia shows together with the right music, especially highlighted and underlined by the laser effects.

Where are multimedia shows used?

Multimedia shows with laser displays and different kinds of other media are especially used for large sporting events, openings, concerts, musicals and other huge stage shows.

Is it difficult to display a multimedia show?

For beginners it is not that easy to sychnronize all media, but well-trained show production designers will be able to implement even the biggest laser and multimedia show installations.


By combining water and laser beams it is possible to create impressive new effects. The laser beams are reflected by the surface of the water, watershields are used as a projection surface and on water fountains whole laser shows are displayed.
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Pyrotechnical and / or flame effects enhance laser shows and draw the attention of the audience.

Which show laser suits best for a multimedia show?

Depending on the scale of your multimedia show, it is strongly recommended to use professional to high-end show laser systems. The bigger your venue, the more power should your laser light offer. When you decide to use show laser devices in combination with water effects, then you should consider laser displays with water proof housings. For graphics projections fast scanning systems are needed.

Examples of multimedia shows

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 - 10
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