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Show Laser Glossary, Definitions & Explanations This Glossary shall provide general definitions for terms used on this website as well as give some background information on terms and topics used in show laser and entertainment industry.
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Rainbow Laser

What is a Rainbow Laser?

A rainbow laser is a show laser light system that is capable of multi colored beams that look like a rainbow. For that special kind of effect the show laser needs at least the three color sources red, green, and blue as well as analog modulation to be able to display the color hues in between. There are also laser devices that offer addiotional OPSL colors like cyan, orange or lime for an even better color graduation effect. This kind of projection is usually done outdoor and can reach for many kilometers. Laser rainbows are a nice and attractive effect and are widely visible.

What show laser is the best Rainbow Laser?

All high power multi-color laser systems that Laserworld offer are capable to do this kind of effect (reach depends on laser power, beam specifications and software settings).
Especially RTI NANO laser systems are often used to create rainbow effects over several kilometers in many different colors.
Laserworld did a Laser Rainbow in Aalen, Germany,  in 2012, but many other customers already did too. See for yourself:

Examples of Rainbow Lasers


Example of a Rainbow Laser 01
Example of a Rainbow Laser 02

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