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Laser Show References: Outdoor Laser Show

Outdoor laser shows became more and more popular in the past years, as the laser show projectors became much stronger and more affordable at the same time. Where an outdoor laser show was quite limited at the times of gas laser systems due to the massive amount of water that was needed for cooling and the extreme power consumption, the modern laser show systems consume only very few power, so they can be run on a normal 10A/16A fuse. Outdoor laser shows can be seen at different occasions: Nearly every big electronic music festival uses lasers to cover the whole festival area, but also festivals of other music genres use outdoor laser shows to emotionally integrate the audience into the scenery. Even metal festivals are looking to use lasers more for their shows, as the huge advantage of the laser technology is their enormous reach of the beams of up to 30km and even further. So even the biggest festival area can be covered.
Besides the use at festivals, an outdoor laser show can also be a sky laser (also named "Landmark laser" in some areas of the world) application, where the laser beam(s) are pointed towards the sky or at least in a way to achieve long reach and visibility. This kind of application is independent of any music synchronicity, but more used as fixed installation. Sky Laser or Landmark laser applications can often be seen in Asian countries, but also at special governmental events or installations, where people should be attracted to come visit a special spot.
Outdoor Laser Shows can also be seen as part of amusement park laser shows / multi-media shows or corporate shows. They are also often used for inauguration ceremonies or launches of buildings / architectural objects. Some lighting artists also like to use laser show systems for their outdoor installations.
Please find below an overview of some outdoor laser show projects that were done with laser show projectors of the Laserworld Group:

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Outdoor Logo Projection in Peru

DS 1000RGB Peru Thumb
At the beginning of 2020 Laserworld Ibérica did a showcase of the Laserworld DS-1000RGB with an outdoor logo projection in Peru. The show laser system was 120 metres away from the building.Pretty impressive for the small device! Thanks to Daniel Patricio for the Pictures.Outdoor Logo Projection in Peru

Laser Show @ New Year's Eve 2020 in Constance, Germany

New Year Konstanz Laser Show Thumb
New Year's Eve 2020 in Constance (Germany) on the night from December 31st to January 1st, 2020. Beginning at midnight to celebrate the new year, Laserworld presented 20 minutes of laser show in the city center instead of fireworks. Constance forbid fireworks in the city center because of the fire hazard.Lasers in action: - 1 x RTI NANO RGB 30 - 2 x RTI PIKO RGB 20 - 2 x tarm 11 - 2 x tarm...Laser Show @ New Year's Eve 2020 in Constance,...

Laser Show on fine spray mist @ Alkmaar City Run 2019

Laserworld PL 10000RGB At Alkmaar City Run Thumb
For the Alkmaar City Run 2019 our friends from 'The Light Guys' projected a nice laser show with a Laserworld PL-10.000RGB show laser system on spray mist to create these great patterns and effects. The spray mist served as a projection surface. Thanks to 'The Light Guys' for providing these pictures!Laser Show on fine spray mist @ Alkmaar City Run...

Outdoor Laser Installation at Boryoung Beach, South Korea

Outdoor Boryoung Beach South Korea
Our local Laserworld Korea office accompanied a laser installation project  of two RTI PIKO RGB 20 show laser systems on the beach of Boryoung (Boryeong) in the South Korean region Chungnam.The beach, which is known for the Boryeong Mud Festival, has another eye catcher now: the two high-performance units of the RTI PIKO series with their particularly good beam profile ensured high...Outdoor Laser Installation at Boryoung Beach,...

Permanent Laser Installation at Nyerere Bridge Kigamboni, Tanzania

Thumbnail Nyerere
The Nyerere Bridge in Kigamboni, Tanzania, is illuminated with spectacular effects lighting every night. Lasers manufactured by the Laserworld Group are used for main effects: 4 x RTI NANO RGB 30. The bridge is 680 meters long - a distance, which needs to be challanged by the lasers to illuminate the long pedestrian lanes. RTI NANO laser systems are especially suitable for long distance beam...Permanent Laser Installation at Nyerere Bridge...

Photo projection in Val-d'Isère, France

Lucy Championne Thumb
On the website www.laservaldisere.com you can book a laser projection of a photo of your choice in Val-d'Isère, France. Thanks to a powerful RTI NANO 6 RYGCB show laser light the images will be projected onto the surrounding mountains. The images are converted into vector graphics and will then be displayed by the high-end show laser system. The extremely fast scanners of the NANO Rainbow unit...Photo projection in Val-d'Isère, France

Laser show @ SXM Festival on Saint-Martin, the Caribbean

Sxm Festival
From March 15th to March 19th 2017, the SXM Festival took place on the beautiful island Saint-Martin for the second time. In the Caribbean partygoers from all around the world enjoyed finest electronic music on many locations.One of these locations was the Refuge, a sunset lounge next to the ocean. Artists like M.A.N.D.Y, Nina Kraviz, RPR Soundsystem, and others. Every night the music was...Laser show @ SXM Festival on Saint-Martin, the...

Laser Countdown for New Year's Eve 2016 in Chile

Tarm Gran Torre Thumb
Member of the Laserworld Group, tarm laser technologies, was responsible for a huge laser countdown on New Year's Eve in Providencia, Chile, near the capital Santiago de Chile.The countdown was projected on the largest tower of South America, the Gran Torre Santiago (300 m) and could be seen from several miles away. tarm used two tarm HD show laser lights with 5 W laser power each that were...Laser Countdown for New Year's Eve 2016 in Chile

Laser Installation @ Anaklia Bridge, Georgia

Anaklia Laser
Our partner Laserfabrik was responsible for a huge laser installation at the Anaklia Bridge in Georgia.The bridge connects the seaside resort Anaklia to the village Ganmukhuri and now shines bright in many different colors. The bridge can be seen from very far away with its astonishing laser effects. Laserfabrik used 4 x RTI PIKO RGB 15 show laser systems from Laserworld and Lasergraph DSP for...Laser Installation @ Anaklia Bridge, Georgia

Outdoor Laser Show in Buechenbach / Germany

RTI FEMTO At Weiherfest Buechenbach Thumb2
Every year the 'Weiherfest'  in Buechenbach / Germany is a real is a crowd puller. In 2016 this happening took place for the 35th time. One of the hightlights was the laser show, created by workflow.events Veranstaltungstechnik. The guys used 2 RTI FEMTO RGB 7 show lasers.Outdoor Laser Show in Buechenbach / Germany

RTI NANO RYGCB 35 @ Henley Swim 2016, UK

Henley Swim 002 Web
On June 26th 2016 in Henley-on-Thames, GB, there was a 2.1 km endurance upstream River Thames swimming event, held over the Henley Royal Regatta course, very early on the Sunday morning before the Wednesday start of Henley Royal Regatta.Our partner AC Lasers was responsible for the laser show over the whole course and used an RTI NANO RYGCB 35 show laser light.Check out the pictures...RTI NANO RYGCB 35 @ Henley Swim 2016, UK

Lichtspiele in Schaerding-Neuhaus 2015/2016

HB Laser Schaerding 2015 2016 Thumb Web
Like in the previous winter season the Austrian and German cities Schaerding and Neuhaus, the 'Lichtspiele' were presented and took place between November 13th, 2015 - February 14th, 2016.  The market place of Schaerding was one of six stations where visitors were told fascinating and colorful christmas and winter stories on the surrounding buildings. For these video mappings HB-Laser used...Lichtspiele in Schaerding-Neuhaus 2015/2016

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