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Laserworld Group exhibits at Prolight + Sound 2022

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The Laserworld Group plans to exhibit at Prolight + Sound 2022 with their brands Laserworld, tarm, RTI, Showeditor, Showcontroller and ShowNET. Various new products and developments will be on display in all different product ranges - from entry-level laser systems up to top end, high power lasers. We are excited to see all those people from our industry again, meet with our customers and fortify our business partnerships. Even though the...

ILD Render supports direct output to the ShowNET laser mainboard

ILD Render Thumb
ILD Render is an innovative tool for laser show professionals to convert vector graphics and animations of Blender and InkScape, both 2D and 3D, to laser compatible files. The challenge with doing this is optimizing the vectors in a way that the laser can properly display them without having to draw too many points and thus have flickering laser output. Therefore it is essential to have a direct output from the laser while creating...

ShowNET API / SDK available

You can now let your software directly output to the ShowNET laser mainboard, which is standard built into a multitude of laser systems! Software API released for ShowNET laser mainboard Laserworld released the API for direct communication of applications with their standard laser mainboard ShowNET, which is core to many laser systems in the market now. ShowNET is an intelligent laser mainboard, that provides laser systems with a multitude of...

MadLaser natively supports ShowNET laser mainboard

The ShowNET laser mainboard is known as a super powerful heart to lasers already, so MadMapper, the popular video mapping and multimedia control software, decided to make a native implementation of ShowNET in their new extension MadLaser, which is specifically made to create direct laser output combined with video mappings and lighting control. MadLaser can be feeded with video content of any kind and it automatically converts this video...

Nova Event Group new exclusive Distributor for Laserworld, tarm and RTI laser systems in Switzerland

20201102 Nova Events Distributor
Nova Event Group new exclusive Distributor for Laserworld, tarm and RTI laser systems in Switzerland The Laserworld Group proudly announces Nova Event Group as their new exclusive distribution partner in Switzerland. The Nova Event Group has many years of experience in the sales of laser systems, as they used to be the Swiss distribution partner of Kvant lasers. With the new exclusive partnership, the CEO of the Nova Events Group, Vano...

Sachkunde Laser und Lasershow in der Schweiz - Sachkundebestätigung / Sachkundenachweis nach V-NISSG

Ab Dezember 2020 ist in der Schweiz der Umgang mit Lasern bei Veranstaltungen neu geregelt: Es wird künftig die "Sachkunde" des Bedieners gefordert, und diese muss durch die Teilnahme an einer entsprechenden Ausbildung erlangt werden. Die neue V-NISSG rgelt dabei die Art der Qualifikation udn Ausbildung. Es gibt zwei verschiedene Arten der Ausbildung: 1-tägige Ausbildung zur Sachkundebestätigung 4-tägige Ausbildung zum...

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