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Have a look at the new product video of the RTI NEO ONE modular show laser system. In this video you'll get to know the features of this unit and how to setup and control the laser device:

The Live-Entertainment-Award (LEA) is a German show award, which is held one day before the opening day of prolight + sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2018, Scooter and Conchita were responsible for the musical accompaniment. They performed on the PRG stage of Messe Frankfurt with the help of show laser systems of the Laserworld Group and a great laser show programmed by our partner laserfabrik.

24 x RTI NEO SIX in a laser matrix with 144 laser outlets, 24 x RTI NEO ONE and 12 x RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser systems were installed on the PRG stage.
Check out the videos of the event:

Conchita at the LEA Awards 2018 on the PRG stage

Scooter at the LEA Awards 2018 on the PRG stage

Laserworld presents the all-new Laserworld DS-1000RGB show laser light at prolight+sound 2018. A very compact, fanless full diode laser device with good color balance, yet a low price.

The Laserworld DS-1000RGB is an RGB whitelight laser system with a guaranteed output power of 900 mW. Fast graphics capable scanning systems with 30 kpps@8°ILDA handle most laser show applications.
The DS-1000RGB is especially suitable for nightclubs, bars, mobile DJs laser show programmers and many more.

More information on the Laserworld DS-1000RGB:


Laserworld DS 1000RGB front web

Laserworld DS 1000RGB front left web

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