Rti Neo 6 Fl S
A six head robust professional full color laser with full X/Y scanning and DMX control. Perfect for large indoor events with single beam projection and creating great stage effects for nearly any size of venue when utilising the in-built pre-set patterns.
  • 1.8 W guaranteed power
  • 6 x RGB Diode Modules
  • 6 x X/Y Scanners - 45 kpps@8° ILDA
  • Maximum scan angle of 45°
  • Full color mixing - analog modulation
  • Extremely sharp beams - low divergence
  • Professional DMX with 10 pre-set patterns
  • Rugged tour-grade compact housing
Rti Neo 6 Fl S
Rti Neo 6 Front S
Rti Neo 6 Fr S
Rti Neo 6 Back S
The laser can be controlled with a standard DMX controller or DMX software.
The RTI NEO 6 is a whitelight RGB beam array with analog modulation and six beam outlets. It is controlled through DMX and thus is suitable for easy implementation to existing lighting setups. Each beam output comes with its own XY scan set with 45 kpps@8° ILDA.
Besides the single beam, the RTI NEO 6 offers 10 standard preset patterns like a square, a circle, a triangle and others which can be displayed by all six laser outputs, but can be selected individually.

The RTI NEO 6 is equipped with 6 RGB laser diode modules.
Each RGB module is balanced at a power of 6 x 135 mW / 638 nm red, 6 x 70 mW / 520 nm green and 6 x 95 mW / 450 nm blue for a brilliant white balance. Powers are measured after apertures and are balanced on manufacturing.

The RTI NEO 6 is controlled via DMX thus it is possible to create many different chaser, beam and fan laser light effects. Most important settings can also be adjusted via integrated display. The beam array can easily be integrated into an existing lighting setup.

A great visual effect for stages, live gigs, nightclubs, show productions and any event which requires a unique visual enhancement.

RTI NEO 001 Beam
RTI NEO 009 Beam
RTI NEO 008 Beam
RTI NEO 007 Beam
RTI NEO 006 Beam
RTI NEO 005 Beam
RTI NEO 004 Beam
RTI NEO 003 Beam
RTI NEO 002 Beam
Rti Neo Six Close Side Beam
Rti Neo Six Close Fan 3 Beam
Rti Neo Six Close Fan 2 Beam
Rti Neo Six Close Fan Beam
Rti Neo Six Close Connection Open Beam
Rti Neo Six Close Connection Fan Beam
Rti Neo Six Close Connection Beam
Guaranteed Power at aperture
1'800 mW
Power Red
6 x 135 mW / 638 nm
Power Green
6 x 70 mW / 520 nm
Power Blue
6 x 95 mW / 450 nm
Beam Specifications*
ca. 3 mm / 0.5 mrad
45 kpps@8° ILDA
Max. Scan Angle
Laser Source
Laser Class
Operation Modes
Basic Patterns
10 preset patterns (circles, squares, etc.)
Power cable, manual, interlock plug, keys
IP rating
Power Supply
85-250 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
360 W
1000 x 152 x 118 mm (without bracket)
8 kg
*Due to Advanced Optical Correction technology used in our laser systems the optical power of each colour within installed laser module(s) may slightly differ from the specification of respective laser module(s). Divergence FWHM average depending on model.

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