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What is Showcontroller?

Showcontroller is a professional laser control software suite that consists of several program parts. It is designed for very large scale shows as well as for small events - due to its intuitive user interface it is very easy to get started. Professionals make use of a multitude of features that help with creating astonishing lasers shows with multimedia integrations.

Laser show creation made easy: No matter if a professional music synchronous timeline laser show is required or live laser show control to a DJ set - Showcontroller has all the necessary features to create overwhelming laser shows.

Showcontroller LIVE allows for direct, live laser control. It comes with a large set of preset frames and animations and can be extended with own frames or animations, like patterns, logos, texts or other graphics. Many effects can be live applied to the patterns, e.g. color, speed, rotation, size, etc.. It is possible to live control the lasers only through computer, but also by using MIDI controllers or DMX consoles: The live laser control with Showcontroller is extremely versatile! 

Get Showcontroller:

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Key Features:

- Live Laser control
- Timeline-based laser show programming
- 250+ free shows included
- Drag-and-drop operation, intuitive handling
- Logo and graphics import
- MIDI and DMX support
- Realizzer 3D, Depence 2 + R3 and Capture visualizer support
- Video event support (Showcontroller PLUS Update required
- Up to 20 ShowNET LAN output interfaces are supported

Reliable: No forced updates - the user decides when it's time to update
Discrete: No forced registration to access software updates
Compatible: ILDA file standard is supported for import and export

New features and fixes are released on a regular basis, but it is not mandatory to install an update, so the user can decide when it's best to try new features.

Showcontroller overview

Showcontroller Live

Showcontroller RealTime

Showcontroller LIVE:

Showcontroller LIVE is the software part of the Showcontroller Suite that is especially designed for live laser show control. No matter if it's used to accompany a DJ set with lasers, to play lasers at a festival or to support a musical or artistic performance - Showcontroller LIVE is the tool for every laser show application that cannot be pre-produced or pre-programmed or has no common time base.
Showcontroller LIVE is an extremely mighty tool: 40 scenes can be preset per bank and 10 banks can be used for this. Also, Showcontroller LIVE already comes with a large selection of already preset scenes, so it's very easy to get going with a laser show:

1. Connect the hardware interface and the laser system
2. Open Showcontroller LIVE
3. Click START and select a scene

That's it!

Showcontroller RealTime:

Showcontroller RealTime can be used for creating timline-based laser shows. Laser frames and animations can be placed on a timeline and synchronized to music. A multitude of customizable effects can be added to those frames then. It is possible to create many tracks in parallel.Showcontroller RealTime comes with all the features that are required for high professional laser show programming.

The main window shows the timeline, where all programming elements can be assigned to a general time-base, e.g. an audio file or just a simple lapse of time.
The preview window allows for watching a preview of the programmed elements in real time, but also the laser output happens in real time.
Due to the versatile Dongle-Licensing it is possible to program in Showcontroller RealTime without having to have an interface connected. This eases pre-production processes and allows for laser show programming even on a plane.
The Showcontroller RealTime laser show timeline has been designed to be very intuitive - even beginners can quickly and easily create their own, first laser shows. Drag-and-drop programming is one of the key features of the Showcontroller timeline, but also the versatile use of effects that can be applied to laser frames and animations make Showcontroller the right choice for any kind of laser show design.

Showcontroller PicEdit:

Showcontroller PicEdit is the program part that is used for creating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional laser graphics. It is a very powerful tool that not only allows for creating vector based frames but also for laser animations.
PicEdit closely works together with other software parts of the Showcontroller software suite, like Showcontroller Trace and Showcontroller SVG-Tool:
Import custom logos from JPG files or get static or animated vectors from Blender (or from other 3D software, with using Blender as export tool).

Showcontroller Tracer:

The Showcontroller Tracer program part is specifically designed for re-tracing pixel-based pictures, like JPG files, to a laser-compatible, vector based format. Simply select a picture, e.g. a logo, and get it traced. Various options for optimization are provided to make the laser projection of the very frame as smooth as possible.

Showcontroller SVG Tool:

The Showcontroller SVG Tool allows for importing frames or animations in the SVG file format to Showcontroller. This can be files from the free 3D-Animator Blender (or from other 3D programs by using Blender as converter) or just SVG files from a standard Vector editing software, like Adobe Illustrator.

Showcontroller is available with two different Licensing models:

1. Showcontroller:

Supports up to 3 Laserworld ShowNet hardware interfaces (DAC)

2. Showcontroller PLUS:

Supports more than 3 hardware interfaces (DAC), different hardware interfaces are supported (more details)
- Shownet
- Netlase
- Netlase LC
- Easylase II
- Phoenix Micro USB V1

This covers the complete range of basic USB to high end LAN output interfaces. All Interfaces support DMX in/out.
Showcontroller PLUS also supports the Realizzer 3D and Depence2 implementation and the use of Video-Events.
Showcontroller PLUS license allows for ILDA file export as well.


Directly Compatible Laser Systems to Showcontroller:

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