ILD Render compatible with ShowNET laser mainboard

ILD Render Logo - dynamic laser output from Blender and Inkscape

What is ILD Render?

ILD Render is a software tool that can be used for real time output of laser content while creating it with Blender or Inkscape. It also allows for exporting these vector graphics and animations to the standard ILDA file format, so the content can be used in professional laser software like Showcontroller, but also in specific mapping software like MadMapper/MadLaser or Touchdesigner.

ILD render can directly output to any laser system that is equipped with the ShowNET laser mainboard. Out put can be routed to up to 9 ShowNET devices. The connection between laser and computer is simple, just by standard LAN network infrastructure. No additional software required to run in the background, no additional licenses required besides the ILD Render license.

ILD Render flowchart

The powerful ILD Render tool was developed for professionals for laser graphics content creation with 3D Tools. It is available for the Windows operating system environment.

ILD Render preview

About the ILD Render software project

The ILD Render software is developed by automatic-BRAIN owned by Thomas Lachmann.

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Directly Compatible Laser Systems to ILD Render:

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