MadMapper / MadLaser compatible with ShowNET laser mainboard

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What is MadMapper?

MadMapper is a professional video and multimedia mapping software. It's easy to use, yet packed with features to enhance standard video mapping with dynamic effects and interaction possibilities. Multiple outputs and outputs to different screens are possible, as is the use of different input signals, such as NDI. Output resolution can go up to 16k, which is extreme. It features numerous graphics tools such as bezier masking and animated line drawing, and also allows dynamic animations. It can also control LED arrays or any number of DMX devices in real time, thanks to a powerful cueing system that makes triggering shows a breeze.

MadMapper is designed as a ready-to-use software package, easy to use for beginners, but it also includes features for experienced users who wish to benefit from advanced functionalities such as 3D calibration, space scanning, LED scanning, live shader editing, and much more.

MadMapper is available for both Mac and Windows systems.


MadMapper 3d building

What is MadLaser ?

MadLaser is a MadMapper extension that enables lasers to be used in a mapping context. With the MadLaser extension, it's easy to combine video mapping with laser mapping in a highly efficient way. Dynamic tracing tools and real-time conversion options from video input to laser output make it easy for anyone familiar with video mapping to add lasers to their projects.

MadLaser is directly compatible with the ShowNET laser motherboard, so it's super-simple to use with laser systems equipped with it: connect the laser to the computer with a LAN cable (you can also use the normal network infrastructure to combine several lasers or build larger configurations) and MadLaser instantly detects the device(s). No additional licenses are required beyond MadMapper/MadLaser, and no additional software needs to run in the background. Just plug and play. Unlimited number of laser systems in MadLaser, the official limit per physical network for ShowNET devices is 40, but many more can be combined in more physical networks or VLANs, so that virtually unlimited laser output channels on ShowNET can be realized (as long as the control system and infrastructure are sufficiently capable).

MadLaser is software that detects the device(s) and detects them.

MadLaser is available for Mac OS and Windows systems. Lasers equipped with the ShowNET mainboard can be used in both operating systems.

MadLaser collage

About the MadMapper / MadLaser software project

MadMapper and MadLaser are a collaborative software project of the French company 1024 architecture and the Swiss software developers GarageCube. The software development started more than 10 years ago and since has grown massively.

Download MadMapper and the MadLaser extension:

Directly Compatible Laser Systems to MadMapper / MadLaser:

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