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RTI updates their high professional NANO product range and releases the RTI NANO RGB 30 with “10-10-10” equally and ultra white-balanced setup

The new released RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser light systems were especially developed for professional users with high demands that require professional quality without compromise. This new system comes with a “10-10-10” setup, meaning it has nearly an equal power distribution over the color sources: >10W/638nm, >10W/530nm, >10.4W/450nm and a guaranteed power of 28W after aperture providing an awesome white balance with incredibly good beam specifications of only ca. 6mm/<1.0mrad (full angle!). The red spectrum is covered by 638nm bright red diodes only – no dark 658nm diodes are used! As a green color source, a Coherent Taipan OPSL is integrated.

The major challenge was combining the huge number of single red diodes in an array with good beam specifications to be able to use small scanner mirrors for reduced inertia and therefore good scanning results. The new RTI NANO RGB 30 has such a great beam profile that the laser system can use the CT-6215HP scanners, which are driven by the original CT Big Boy drivers. Thus a scanner performance of 60kpps@8° and a maximum scan angle of 60° is possible – with still having a scan speed of 30kpps @ 60°!
Of course the RTI NANO RGB 30 comes in the durable NANO housing, which is IP 65 waterproof and comes with the detachable remote control touch pad.

Like all RTI products, the NANO RGB 30 comes with 2 years warranty.

More details about that product can be found here:
The State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, is a huge exhibition of flowers and rare plants, arranged by high professional gardeners from the whole state. The show also incorporates musical acts, open air shows and multi-media displays.

HB-Laser provided a multitude of monitors and lighting effects as well as a panorama projection inside a tower. Part of the video- and interactivity content was also supplied by HB-Laser.
One major highlight of this year's horticultural show was the "Festival of Lights", which took place on 20th September. The whole city center of Schwäbisch Gmünd was covered in light and especially in laser: HB-Laser provided a massive laser-multi-media-show, combining laser mapping and beam show on the new building of the city and a huge laser show covering the whole city center with bright beams.

HB-Laser used 6 of their professional LightCube 863 systems, at 13W and 17W RGB white light. The show was controlled with Pangolin LD-2000 through an HB-Laser TITAN control station. To increase the visibility of the laser beams, several fog and haze machines were used. Ambient illumination to emphasize the effects of the laser show was supplied by HB-Laser as well.
This year's State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd ends on 12th of October.

Laserworld UK would like to introduce Leisuretec as their new official UK sub distributor.
Years of trading with a large portfolio of customers, a strong team in sales and marketing plus fantastic back up and support make them the perfect match for Laserworld UK due to increase and demand for Lasers.

Laserworld UK renowned for its excellent, reliable laser show products and technical support for installations, events and retail, can improve their service and support  through Leisuretec dealer network.

Denis Phoenix Sales Director of Laserworld comments: "This is natural progression for Laserworld UK with Leisuretec holding good stocks of Laserworld products ready for next day delivery at low shipping cost, so customers will get there products even faster than it already exists at competitive prices as a one stop distributor for lasers, software and accessories"

Another great advantage of this new cooperation is that Leisuretec offers a technical zone, which contains a state of the art conferencing room designed for customer training sessions, so a great base where we can even teach and train their customer base and Laserworld's existing customers.
Laserworld is looking forward to a great long-term partnership with Leisuretec.

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