New Text Laser Published - no need for software or additional controller

Text projections with lasers required software or an additional controller. With the new EL-200G KeyTEX this becomes history: Laserworld released this direct text show laser light system for easy text projections that can be controlled by a keyboard and an IR remote control.
Laserworld - EL-200G KeyTEX

The Laserworld EL-200G KeyTEX is a single color green laser projector especially designed for text projections. It can be operated in normal stand-alone mode or sound to light, where it plays preset patterns and animations. But the main operation modes in most cases will be the live text feature and the laser countdown.

The text mode offers the possibilities to either type text live and animate it (scroll, rotate, flip, draw, etc.), or save text to cue keys so they can be played back later – triggered through the keyboard or though the infrared remote control. The EL-200G KeyTEX laser is a great tool for advertising purposes on a smaller scale. Mobile DJs could use this to congratulate the happy couple or birthday boy/girl. Nightclubs could project drinks offers and shout outs, but also restaurants, bars or cafés can use this laser for message projections.

The EL-200G KeyTEX has built-in graphics capable scanners that operate at a speed of ca. [email protected]°. The whole projection is multiplied through a diffraction grating, which has a deflection angle of ca. 90°.

The Laserworld EL-200G KeyTEX laser is available from any Laserworld dealer.
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