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On 31st of August 2015 Laserworld Group became a member of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA). 
With effect of this day and the agreement of the ILDA Board , all Laserworld companies may announce being an official ILDA member with effect of the new group membership.

Thus multi-awarded formerly individually listed ILDA member HB-Laserkomponenten GmbH (HB-Laser) becomes listed as Laserworld Company, but also big industry names Ray Technologies GmbH and SwissLas join in. Besides that, the global company network of the Laserworld Group announces the ILDA membership for the own Laserworld companies Laserworld (USA) Inc., Laserworld UK Ltd., Laserworld ASIA  Co., Ltd, Laserworld KOREA, Laserworld INDIA, Laserworld IBÉRICA – and of course the parental company Laserworld (Switzerland) AG.

“The Show Laser Light industry has developed a lot over the past years, and Laserworld is glad to having been a part of this development. We want to participate in further developments and put our knowledge and experience into this, to create mutual benefits for the ILDA and us” says Martin Werner, CEO of Laserworld.

Laserworld joined ILDA
Latest network control interfaces for laser show systems are designed for being placed right beside or on top of the laser projector:  Long connections to the control computer is done by network cables (LAN), but there is now a need of a short ILDA cable for connecting the LAN interface to the laser system.

Laserworld offers a short ILDA cable especially designed for this purpose: Due to it’s black color, it smoothly matches the color of the laser light systems and other event cables. With a shortness of 40-50cm, the ILDA cable does not add to the spaghetti of wires.

The low resistance of the black 0.5m ILDA cable makes it also perfectly suitable for high end professional laser show application. 

More on the manufacturer’s website:

ILDA Cable 0 5m Example Application info web
From 12/09 till 14/09/2015 Laserworld presented itself and the whole Laserworld Group inclouding RTI, SwissLas and HB-Laser at the BPM and PRO Show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

The PRO show in Birmingham, UK, mainly targets professional entertainment technology customers and the BPM show running alongside is a special exhibition for DJ’s and entertainers.

The large product portfolio of Laserworld fits both audiences perfectly, so a large product display was used throughout the three day show (12/09/15 – 14/09/15). Two shows were produced; one showcasing the laser systems for DJs, entertainers and small nightclubs, the other one with professional laser gear for high end customers.

The smaller show for BPM visitors focused on showing the newly launched products of the Laserworld Club Series, the CS-1000RG MKII and the CS-2000RGB MKII, as well as some products of the Diode and the Proline Series. The PRO show mainly used RTI projectors, like ATTO and FEMTO units as well as two HB-Laser LightCube projectors, and some BeamNET-10 PROs.

Both shows plus the introduction sequence were created with Pangolin BEYONDlaser show designer. The programming and show design was done by Daniel Briggs from AC Lasers, one of Laserworld’s partners.

BPM PRO Show Birmingham 2015 0002

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