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From 12/09 till 14/09/2015 Laserworld presented itself and the whole Laserworld Group inclouding RTI, SwissLas and HB-Laser at the BPM and PRO Show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

The PRO show in Birmingham, UK, mainly targets professional entertainment technology customers and the BPM show running alongside is a special exhibition for DJ’s and entertainers.

The large product portfolio of Laserworld fits both audiences perfectly, so a large product display was used throughout the three day show (12/09/15 – 14/09/15). Two shows were produced; one showcasing the laser systems for DJs, entertainers and small nightclubs, the other one with professional laser gear for high end customers.

The smaller show for BPM visitors focused on showing the newly launched products of the Laserworld Club Series, the CS-1000RG MKII and the CS-2000RGB MKII, as well as some products of the Diode and the Proline Series. The PRO show mainly used RTI projectors, like ATTO and FEMTO units as well as two HB-Laser LightCube projectors, and some BeamNET-10 PROs.

Both shows plus the introduction sequence were created with Pangolin BEYONDlaser show designer. The programming and show design was done by Daniel Briggs from AC Lasers, one of Laserworld’s partners.

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The economy in South Korea is growing and so is the demand for entertainment technologies. The Laserworld Group opened their Korea office recently. It was important for Laserworld to have a central location and so Daejeon was chosen. Laserworld Korea handles sales in the area as well as providing local show laser light services.

“Especially high quality, high power show laser light systems of European manufacturing are in demand” says Peter Jeong, managing director of Laserworld Korea. “We definitely know of the demand for quality products in our country and thus see great potential for products of the Laserworld Group of any product series.”

Product information and contact details in Korean language are available at

Peter Jeong can be directly contacted at +82-70-7592-4484

Laserworld Korea Starts
Lasergraph DSP, the professional, de-central laser show control solution, is now available at Laserworld as of August. Many of the high-profile show designing companies have relied on Laseranimation’s Lasergraph DSP for many years: The Lasergraph DSP controllers provide extreme output performance, as they are small computers on their own which handle the whole output processing in a decentralized way. This means, that there is only a small program necessary to remotely access the de-central units over network (LAN) – the actual programming as well as the output calculation is done in the Lasergraph DSP controllers. It is possible to connect a multitude of DSP units via LAN and run them in one huge network – this is how huge shows can be controlled. Synchronizations with other media can easily be done over SMPTE timecode and the whole setup can be remote controlled over DMX or MIDI. DMX remote control is heavily used for high professional live performances with Lasergraph DSPs: The whole laser setup can be controlled through e.g. a GrandMA or Avolites console – which allows for awesome effects and transitions, as faders and effects generators can be used.

The Laseranimation Lasergraph DSP is available as a 19” rack mount unit and as travel version, both housing types are available as single or dual channel configuration.

The mobile DSP, with full name “Lasergraph DSP travel Mark 2”, is extremely compact so especially suitable for travel. As the DSP units are capable of auto-play and stand-alone operation as well, these mobile units can also be used for pre-programmed installation projects, exhibitions and corporate displays. They can playback on power-on – this also applies for power on after a power cut, which is extremely important during any kind of event: The show must go on!

More details on the Laseranimation Lasergraph DSP can be found on the Laserworld website:

Example projects realized with Laseranimation Lasergraph DSP:

- Masters of Hardcore 2015 - Netherlands

- MAYDAY Dortmund, 2015, 2014, … - Germany

- EDC Las Vegas 2014 - USA

- Multi Media Show „Attraction“ in Bird’s Nest - China

- RAMA VIII Bridge Bangkok - Thailand

- etc.

New at Laserworld Lasergraph DSP

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