Modular RTI NEO ONE show lasers featured at prolight + sound 2018

Last year, the modular RTI NEO ONE show laser devices were presented on prolight + sound 2017. This year, they were a big part of the highlight show on PRG stage for prolight + sound 2018.

The RTI NEO ONE units can be integrated very easily into existing control options with DMX / ArtNET. The other main feature of the devices is the design as a multi-projector-system, where several units can be attached to each other and to the PSU with an easy quick-lock mechanism. Due to their octagonal shape, the laser displays can be arranged in many different shapes, e.g. circles or high power laser arrays.

The RTI NEO ONE is a powerful white light RGB laser projector with 3.3 W. Up to six show lasers run with only one PSU and a combined power of nearly 20 W per meter. This makes them even suitable for large scale applications.
Besides the DMX control, the RTI NEO ONE offers direct control via laser control software and a built-in controller with several other playback features. With the including free software, ILDA patterns can be created and displayed.

The high scan speed of 45 kpps@8°ILDA allows for graphics and logo projections.

Due to dimensions of 220 x 185 x 185 mm and a weight of 6.5 kg, the RTI NEO ONE is very compact and lightweight for easy travelling and a fast set-up.

The RTI NEO ONE was especially designed for the usage as an array, maxtrix or other shapes with several RTI NEO ONE devices combined.
This is why lighting designers and professional production campanies use RTI NEO ONE laser displays for innovative lighting effects and designs.

Have a look at the RTI NEO ONE devices in action:
More information on the RTI NEO ONE show laser systems:


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