Troubleshooting Firmware Flash went wrong

Firmware Flash went wrong - ShowNET cannot be accessed any more

If the attempt to flash the firmware of a ShowNET device (internal as laser mainboard or as external device) went wrong and the ShowNET cannot be accessed any more, please follow these steps:

  1. Connect the ShowNET mainboard to a DHCP managing device (Router, Switch with DHCP capability. DHCP Server needs to be switched on), and the computer to this same device. Make sure to not use long cables, keep them short to avoid any irritation of the signal. Also avoid having other devices on the same network - just the laser and the computer
  2. Power on the ShowNET
  3. If the ShowNET has a DIP switch board: Set DIP Switch 5 + 8 to ON, the rest to off 
    If the ShowNET has a Display: select "Special Functions" on devices with display and there set the value to 144. Confirm the seletion, so the value appears in green color
  4. Disconnect power of the ShowNET, wait for 5 seconds, power it on again
  5. The LED is supposed to be lit
  6. The Admin Tool should now be able to detect the device again and the Flash process for the firmware can be repeated.

This procedure helps with reviving a "dead" ShowNET, that had problems during the firmware flash process. When doing flash operations it is always recommended to do this either via direct connection or DHCP with no other devices in the same network.

If the trouble shooting guide above does not help at all, please contact the RMA service center at [email protected]

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