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Daisy Chain

What is a daisy chain?

The term "Daisy Chain" describes the connection of a signal cable to several devices in a ring or sequence structure. An example is a DMX512 network, where a single DMX controller is linked with several laser projectors. The controller is called the "master", whereas the projectors are called "slaves". Each DMX-capable projector has got a DMX "In" and a "Through" (often called "Out") connector. Devices which are able to emit control signals themselves are equippend with an "Out" connector.
The "Out" connector of the controller is wired with the "In" connector of the following projector in line. The "Through/Out" connector of this projector is connected to the "In" connector of another device. This is how the chain is continued with.

Daisy chained systems get one signal and share the information provided by this signal. In most cases the systems in this chain have their individual address, so they can extract their individual control information out of the common signal for all systems in line.

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