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Why is it called DMX512?

The abbreviation DMX stands for Digital Multiplex and denotes a serial signal, which carries a special protocol from a controller to a DMX receiving device (the laser projector) in order to display pre-set effects. Through solely one cable it is possible to manage 512 different channels. Every system connected laser system has got a certain start address (within the spectrum 1-512). Each signal can process 256 single signal steps - i.e. values from 0-256. Normally the value 0 stands for "OFF", the value 255 for "ON". Depending on the processing control signal, also effects, movements or simple signalings, etc. may be controlled. The DMX512 protocol simply provides the trigger signal - then action to be preformed will be implemented by the control board of the controlled device, according to the programming.

How do I select effects with DMX?

Also every effect has an address. By entering the address the selected laser is going to display the chosen effect. The addresses also may be entered via the dip switches on the back side of the laser projector.

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