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What is a Water Curtain? Water Curtain is another term for water screen. As laser graphics projections need any surface to become visible, water is a popular choice. Water curtains consist of a nozzle element with falling waterdrops on which the...
What is a Water Screen? Laser graphics projections need a surface to make visible the graphics, texts and effects the laser draws. Also water may function as projection surface. These water screens are built by waterdrops falling down from a...
What is a Water Shield? Water shield is another term for hydro shield. It is a projection surfaces made of water for making laser graphics and effects visible. Water shields emerge water semicircular from the bottom upwards. They consist of a...
What means Watt? Watt is a physical unit to measure power. What has Watt to do with laser displays? The power of show laser lights is measured in Watts, too. The more Watt a laser projector provides, the brighter the laser beams (in general -...

What is Wavelength? The physical term Wavelength determines the color of a laser source and is specified in the unit nm (nanometer). As you can see in the chart below, some colors are more visible than others.

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