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The Accessible Radiation (AR) specifies the laser power that is emitted form a laser system directly at the unit. The Laser Class assignment refers to the accessible radiation of a laser.The accessible radiation is different to the MPE, which...
Usually abbreviated as AOM>>> Definition Acousto-optic Modulator see AOM >>>
What is Analog Modulation? In the show laser industry 'analog modulation' defines the ability of a laser source to "dim" the output power of the laser beam, which means that the output power can be adjusted without stepping. Thus, it is possible...

What is an Animation Laser? The term "animation laser" denotes a show laser system which is able to create animated effects, graphics and texts. To create non-flickering, vivid animations it is important to have a fast scanner systems width good...

AOM is the abbreviation of "Acousto-optic Modulator". In the show laser industry this term defines a component which makes a static, non-modulating laser beam an analog modulated laser system. This way of creating an analog modulation was used for...
AR is the abbreviation for Accessible RadiationSee Accessible Radiation for details.
"Audience scanning" means a volitional, momentary projection of visible laser light into the crowd of spectators. It is used for special effects like laser tunnels and the like - in order to visually integrate the spectator into the show. Dependent...

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