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Garden Star Series FAQ

How do I change the colors of my Garden Laser?

Which systems do support a color change?

There are two laser lights of the Garden Series where you can change the colors manually: The Laserworld GS-200RG move and the Laserworld GS-250RGB move.
The Laserworld GS-60G and the Laserworld GS-60G move are always green and the Laserworld GS-200RG always displays its effects in green and red.

How can I change the colors?

For changing the colors the GS-200RG move and the GS-250RGB move come with a special remote control. As you see in the picture below, there is a color button on the remote control in the upper right corner. When pressing the button the colors are changing and the different color modes are displayed by the garden laser.

What color modes does my Garden Laser support?

The Laserworld GS-200RG move can display its effects in green, red as well as red&green together.
The Laserworld GS-250RGB move can display its effects in green, red, blue, green&red, green&blue, red&blue as well as RGB (red & green & blue together).

How can I display all three colors with my GS-250RGB move without the strobe effect?

For displaying the colors red, green and blue together without the strobe effect, first you have to select a single color via the "COLOR" button. Then you press the ON/OFF button twice to switch the GS-250RGB move off and on again. Now the show laser shows the desired color combination without the strobe effect.

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