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What is a party laser? A party laser is a show laser light system for smaller entertainment events, for example in clubs, discotheques, pubs, and bars or for private use. Party lasers are able to create laser beams as well as effects, such as...

PCAOM ist the abbreviation for Polychromatic Acousto-Optic Modulator. Unlike an AOM (acousto-optic modulator), which can only deflect a single wavelength, the PCAOM is able to deflect several different wavelengths at the same time.PCAOMs were used...
A Polychromatic Acousto-Optic Modulator (PCAOM) was used for gas lasers in the laser show industry in order to control blanking and color fading behaviour.More more details see >>> PCAOM >>>
What does PPS stand for? PPS means Points Per Second and describes the speed of show laser scanning systems. That's how many laser points per second can be displayed on walls and other suitable surfaces. The more PPS the better the scanning device...

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