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Laser Show

What does Laser Show mean?

The term "Laser show" can define two different things: In most cases it means an entertainment event where the laser effects provide a show (music synchronous or without music). Sometimes the term is also used to define the actual laser projection system.

Video example of a Laser Show

What are different types of Laser Shows?

Laser shows are usually defines as laser projection with choreography. There are two different types: Pre-programmed laser shows and live laser shows.
Both are completely different approaches of working with lasers and the right solution always depends on the customer's requirements. In nightclubs the laser systems are run as live laser show, whereas corporate events usually rely on pre-programmed, music and/or video synchronous  laser shows.
You can also distinguish beam shows from graphics shows: A beam show projects laser beams into the room. With additional fog or haze the beams become more visible and create fascinating effects, like tunnels and 3D-effects.
A graphics show displays patterns, animations and graphics on a projection surface like walls, ceilings, water screens or even mountains.

Image examples of Laser Shows

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