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Laser Show References: Outdoor Laser Show

Outdoor laser shows became more and more popular in the past years, as the laser show projectors became much stronger and more affordable at the same time. Where an outdoor laser show was quite limited at the times of gas laser systems due to the massive amount of water that was needed for cooling and the extreme power consumption, the modern laser show systems consume only very few power, so they can be run on a normal 10A/16A fuse. Outdoor laser shows can be seen at different occasions: Nearly every big electronic music festival uses lasers to cover the whole festival area, but also festivals of other music genres use outdoor laser shows to emotionally integrate the audience into the scenery. Even metal festivals are looking to use lasers more for their shows, as the huge advantage of the laser technology is their enormous reach of the beams of up to 30km and even further. So even the biggest festival area can be covered.
Besides the use at festivals, an outdoor laser show can also be a sky laser (also named "Landmark laser" in some areas of the world) application, where the laser beam(s) are pointed towards the sky or at least in a way to achieve long reach and visibility. This kind of application is independent of any music synchronicity, but more used as fixed installation. Sky Laser or Landmark laser applications can often be seen in Asian countries, but also at special governmental events or installations, where people should be attracted to come visit a special spot.
Outdoor Laser Shows can also be seen as part of amusement park laser shows / multi-media shows or corporate shows. They are also often used for inauguration ceremonies or launches of buildings / architectural objects. Some lighting artists also like to use laser show systems for their outdoor installations.
Please find below an overview of some outdoor laser show projects that were done with laser show projectors of the Laserworld Group:

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Multimedia Installation for Heidepark Soltau, Germany

Heidepark Soltau Germany 2006 Thumb
For Germany´s second largest amusement park, HB-Laser offered a all-in-one solution in terms of a complete multimedia installation for the park lake. This included an overall conception of creating and planning a completely new multimedia night show for the outdoor area of the amusement park with pyrotechnics, 12Watt laser systems but also a hydroshield and audio- und video...Multimedia Installation for Heidepark Soltau,...

20th Anniversary of Rainbow International GmbH in Aalen

Rainbow International Gmbh
To celebrate its 20th Anniversary Laserworlds customer Rainbow International GmbH from Germany set up an amazing laser show in Aalen / Germany. 7 single Laser beams in rainbow colors have been projected over Aalen for one week! The rainbow symbolized the branch of the successful franchise company Rainbow International. jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...20th Anniversary of Rainbow International GmbH...

Outdoor laser over Lake Constance

Outdoor Laser Lake Constance
Laserworld showcased severval high power Nano Series products beaming over Lake Constance. In September Laserworld started a beam Session over the Lake Constance with devices from the high power NANO Series. Take a look at these incredible pictures taken from the Bismarktower in Constance (ca. 8 km distance)! jsnThemeGridjQuery(function()...Outdoor laser over Lake Constance

Christmas Multimedia Show in Madrid

Christmas Multimedia Show Madrid
LM Productions did an overwhelming Christmas multimedia show in Madrid / Spain. Hundreds of spectators were fascinated by a perfect combination of sound, light, video projections and laser beams. They have used 2 RTI Nano Rainbow 20, 2 RTI Piko RGB 14.0 and finally 1 RTI Piko G 10. We would like to thank LM Productions for these great pictures! — Plaza de La...Christmas Multimedia Show in Madrid

Wunderlust - Cite de la mode et du design @ Paris / France

Wunderlust Paris
For the grand opening of the club Wunderlust - Cité de la mode et du design´ in Paris we did in June 2012 this outdoor laser projection with a NANO AT6. jsnThemeGridjQuery(function() { jsnThemeGridjQuery(window).load(function(){ jsnThemeGridjQuery(".jsn-pagebuilder.pb-element-tab ul.nav-tabs li a").bind("click", function (e)...Wunderlust - Cite de la mode et du design @...

Castle Tuessling - Christmas outdoor video mapping and laser mapping

2010 12 Castle Tuessling
In 2010 and 2011 HB-Laser provided a spectacular laser show and multimedia show with video mapping and laser mapping at Castel Tuessling. The front of the castle is about 80m long, which was completely mapped on with video and laser. The shows at Castel Tueesling took place just some days before Christmas, where there was also a big Chistmas market in front of the castle. This technology was...Castle Tuessling - Christmas outdoor video...

Marseille - Capital of Culture 2013

Capital Of Culture Marseille
In the course of Marseille’s inauguration as European Capital of Culture 2013 Laserworld arranged a spectacular laser show that amazed the spectators. The opening ceremony took place on January the 12th. The laser projectors of the RTI high end series were situated on Mont Julien / Massif d’Etoile next to the commune Cadolive, 25 km north-east of Marseille. Six single beams were shot in...Marseille - Capital of Culture 2013

Street Parade 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland

Streetparade 2013
Almost 1 million fans joined the 22nd Street Parade in Zurich / Switzerland, using the motto 'Dance for Freedom'. 30 Love Mobiles and eight stages along the route exited the crowds. Top acts like Bob Sinclar, Fedde Le Grand, Nicky Romero, Westbam and NERVO perfomed their acts on the different stages. It was a very peaceful event and the good weahter was very helpful to create a great mood. As in...Street Parade 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland

Multimedia Show @ Europa-Park Rust, Germany

HB Laser Europapark Rust 2011 Thumb
The Europa-Park in Rust, Germany is one of the largest amusement parks in Germany. Every year a huge Halloween Party takes place in the park, supported by radio and TV stations, and many famous regional and international artists perform at this event. HB-Laser supplied laser and multimedia shows for theses events several times. The challenge is always the large stage and the huge crowd. To...Multimedia Show @ Europa-Park Rust, Germany

Bradford, England 2011 - outdoor waterproof laser show installation

2011 09 Bradford England
In Bradford, England, HB-Laser did a very special laser show installation in the city center: Four HB-Laser Architect RGB 3.5W lasers were mounted to a huge pole. Hooked up to a special media server and a motion tracking system, the lasers "followed" people that walked by with laser beams and laser patterns. With having 4 systems in place, it was possible to cover the whole place with this...Bradford, England 2011 - outdoor waterproof...

Laser installation of Walter Giers at the occasion of the Staufer Event

2011 Staufer Event Walter Giers
The Staufer Event 2011 came up with a laser art installation of the the illumination and media artist Walter Giers. For this anniversary of the house of the Staufer Kings the laser beams were set up to create a laser-delta to highlight the ancient castles of these kings. Walter Giers relied on this technology for his laser art installation: 4 x HB-Laser LightCube G 8W Pangolin laser...Laser installation of Walter Giers at the...

Graphics projections at Tiananmen Square / China

Tiananmen Square Grafic Projection
This lasershow was made at Tiananmen Square in Beijing / China. Water fountains were used as a watershield to project different graphics and texts - also in 3D! Graphics projections at Tiananmen Square / China

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