In Action: Outdoor Laser, High Power Laser

Outdoor laser shows became more and more popular in the past years, as the laser show projectors became much stronger and more affordable at the same time. Where an outdoor laser show was quite limited at the times of gas laser systems due to the massive amount of water that was needed for cooling and the extreme power consumption, the modern laser show systems consume only very few power, so they can be run on a normal 10A/16A fuse. Outdoor laser shows can be seen at different occasions: Nearly every big electronic music festival uses lasers to cover the whole festival area, but also festivals of other music genres use outdoor laser shows to emotionally integrate the audience into the scenery. Even metal festivals are looking to use lasers more for their shows, as the huge advantage of the laser technology is their enormous reach of the beams of up to 30km and even further. So even the biggest festival area can be covered.
Besides the use at festivals, an outdoor laser show can also be a sky laser (also named "Landmark laser" in some areas of the world) application, where the laser beam(s) are pointed towards the sky or at least in a way to achieve long reach and visibility. This kind of application is independent of any music synchronicity, but more used as fixed installation. Sky Laser or Landmark laser applications can often be seen in Asian countries, but also at special governmental events or installations, where people should be attracted to come visit a special spot.
Outdoor Laser Shows can also be seen as part of amusement park laser shows / multi-media shows or corporate shows. They are also often used for inauguration ceremonies or launches of buildings / architectural objects. Some lighting artists also like to use laser show systems for their outdoor installations.

Laser Installation with one RTI NANO in Helsinki

Laserinstallation Helsinki
On occasion of the celebrations of 135 years of electricity in Helsinki / Finland Laserworld  was asked to build up a high power laser light. This custom-made blue RTI NANO laser system ist only equipped with OPSL laser modules and has a total power of 15,000mW. It has been installed in a weather protective housing on the roof of Helsinki's obervatory. The single beam of RTI NANO connects...Laser Installation with one RTI NANO in Helsinki

Guerilla Marketing in Hamburg, Germany

Guerilla Marketing Hamburg
Our show laser lights are very versatile. In Hamburg / Germany one RTI PIKO RGB 14 laser light has been used for a targeted Guerilla Marketing action. The guys chose the Congress Center Hamburg, a prominent building in the city, to project the company name of a big logistics company on the wall of the tower. For this action almost no preparation time was necessary. The RTI PIKO RGB 14...Guerilla Marketing in Hamburg, Germany

Laser firework at Alton Towers Resort, England

Laser Firework Alton Towers Resort
Every November Alton Towers Resort theme park in Staffordshire, England celebrates the end of the festival season with a big firework. Since 2010, CTM Events helps them to combine the fireworks with a laser light show to an impressive event which is definitely worth more than just a look.In 2013, four of RTIs Nano AT6 RYGCB 35R came into use. These show laser light systems Made in...Laser firework at Alton Towers Resort, England

Air France Sky Projection in London, England

Air France London
On January 7th, 2014, visitors at London´s Waterloo station could observe an unidentified flying object. With a closer look it turned out to be a laser light projection of an airplane which was beamed directly onto the sky of London. The purpose: Air France celebrated their 80th anniversairy and decided that traditional advertising just isn´t enough.With the help of Curb and CMT...Air France Sky Projection in London, England

Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Rama 8 Bridge
Laserworld's subsidiary RTI has implemented a permanent laser light installation on the Rama VIII Bridge in Thailand's capital Bangkok. Due to very high humidity and extreme temperatures, as well as the permanent vibrations on the bridge, special equipment was necessary. Therefore RTI was asked to do this job. RTI implemented following laser light systems:1 x RTI NANO 4...Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand

Laser projections in honour of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Laser Projections
In recognition of the recent passing of former President Nelson Mandela, LaserX for their client, the Western Cape Government, paid tribute to the great man by displaying his face and messages using laser, onto arguably one of the most famous projection surfaces in the world, Table Mountain in Cape Town / South Africa.The images displayed on the mountain were projected from...Laser projections in honour of Nelson Mandela

Street Parade 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland

Streetparade 2013
Almost 1 million fans joined the 22nd Street Parade in Zurich / Switzerland, using the motto 'Dance for Freedom'. 30 Love Mobiles and eight stages along the route exited the crowds. Top acts like Bob Sinclar, Fedde Le Grand, Nicky Romero, Westbam and NERVO perfomed their acts on the different stages. It was a very peaceful event and the good weahter was very helpful to create a...Street Parade 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland

Beat Island 2013 in Neunburg, Germany

Best Island
At the Beat Island Festival 2013 in Neunburg vorm Wald / Germany top DJs like DJ Antoine, Lumor, Charles Le Freak, DJ Wizzl and many others were on site. The technical stage setup and operation were made by our partner Emotion Coburg. They used following laser light systems:1 x RTI NANO RYGB 222 x RTI NANO RGB 152 x RTI PIKO RGB 6.5The...Beat Island 2013 in Neunburg, Germany

Marseille - Capital of Culture 2013

Capital Of Culture Marseille
In the course of Marseille’s inauguration as European Capital of Culture 2013 Laserworld arranged a spectacular laser show that amazed the spectators. The opening ceremony took place on January the 12th. The laser projectors of the RTI high end series were situated on Mont Julien / Massif d’Etoile next to the commune Cadolive, 25 km north-east of Marseille. Six single beams were shot in...Marseille - Capital of Culture 2013

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