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"Landmark Laser" is a special term for the description of a show laser system, that is used outdoor to make a certain point visible and exposed from a far distance. Th term "Landmark Laser" is mainly used in Asian countries, in Europe or Americas the term "Sky Laser", "Skylaser" or "Sky beam laser" is more common.

For having a good visibility of the laser beams outdoor without the use of additional fog or haze (which obviously is not possible for beams over several kilometers), it is essential to have sufficient laser power (heavily depending on the wavelength/color!), a very good divergence (the beam diametre at aperture is not really influencing over distances of several kilometers) and a waterproof system.

What power do I need?


The power needed for Landmark Lasers or Sky Laser heavily depends on the distance the laser should reach with good visibility. Basic Sky Laser applications, e.g. as Sky Lasers for nightclubs, already work from 3W single green (with single beam). For RGB projections a minimum power of 10W RGB is suggested.
However, for most professional applications stronger systems are necessary to create visibilities far over one or two kilometers.
Laserworld offers suitable systems with their RTI NANO Series and RTI PIKO Series. But of course the Laserworld Purelight and tarm HD systems also create incredible results when pointed to the sky!

What is a good Sky Laser for a nightclub?

We recommend to at least use a strong, single green Pure Micro unit. Our suggestion: PM-4000G. Not only is that units extremely affordable, but it also has enough strength to expose the location to the whole area.


Images were taken from a distance of 8 km of the lasers device!


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