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The tarm Series comprises High-End show laser light projectors as well as entry level solutions:
tarm 2.5 (2.7 W), tarm 5 (5 W) and tarm 11 (11 W) are pure diode RGB show laser systems with analog modulation. Very fast scanners, running at 45 [email protected]° ILDA together with a very low divergence of approx. 0.9 mrad (full angle) make these show laser units very versatile and the perfect solution for graphics projections and professional laser applications.
The tarm G5 HD OPSL and tarm G10 OPSL are green OPSL show laser lights perfect for long distance projections.
The tarm HD is a high performance laser projector, equipped with Coherent Taipan OPSL HD laser modules with TEM00 beam profile. The tarm HD show laser projector fulfills highest requirements in terms of brightness and accuracy. Besides that, the tarm HD has an extremely low beam divergence: with CT-6210H scanners and standard optics: only ca. 0.5 mrad or optionally with CT-6215HP scanners and low divergence optics: only ca. 0.3 mrad (TEM00).
The tarm DOT is a RGB whitelight projector for professional multiple laser effects like lines, grids and even a starry sky that just looks like a real one.

tarm devices come with an advanced main board control via browser interface (not the tarm 2.5 and the tarm DOT). It is possible to access the mainly used configuration settings directly through a browser application (even of your Smartphone) by connecting to the laser via LAN (W-LAN with suitable access point).

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  • tarm 2.5

    tarm 2.5

    Excl. Tax: € 1,850.00 Incl. Tax: € 2,146.00
  • tarm 2.5 FB4

    tarm 2.5 FB4

    Excl. Tax: € 2,599.00 Incl. Tax: € 3,014.84
  • tarm 5

    tarm 5

    Excl. Tax: € 5,350.00 Incl. Tax: € 6,206.00
  • tarm 12

    tarm 12

    Excl. Tax: € 9,900.00 Incl. Tax: € 11,484.00
  • tarm 18

    tarm 18

    Excl. Tax: € 14,250.00 Incl. Tax: € 16,530.00
  • tarm G8 LD

    tarm G8 LD

    Excl. Tax: € 11,500.00 Incl. Tax: € 13,340.00
  • tarm G10 OPSL

    tarm G10 OPSL

    Excl. Tax: € 14,800.00 Incl. Tax: € 17,168.00
  • tarm G20 OPSL

    tarm G20 OPSL

    Excl. Tax: € 30,700.00 Incl. Tax: € 35,612.00
  • tarm RYGB 34 OPSL

    tarm RYGB 34 OPSL

    Excl. Tax: € 37,500.00 Incl. Tax: € 43,500.00

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