Salt Mine Berchtesgaden, Germany - turn-key multi media implementation

In 2007 HB-Laser installed the whole multi media facilities inside the salt mine of Berchtesgaden - a visitor mine, that demonstrates the history of mining, especially salt-mining, in the area.

This project was enormously big, as not only the show programming, content preparation and installation of the multi media systems needed to be done, but it was also necessary to install the whole infrastructure first: electrical wiring, space for installations, covers and dust protection, protection against salt of all equipment, etc.

One big challenge was also that the structure of the power wiring isc ompletely different in a mine than normal AC current wiring, so this required additional adaptions.

So HB-Laser not only was a multi media contractor, but a turnkey solution provider for the whole customer display inside the mine.

This was part of our work: 

  • Configuration of the completely subterraneous round tour (1,7 km) by installing multi media systems, kinetic systems, art objects and laser technology.
  • Provision of custom-made video, laser, light and multimedia technology
  • Implementation of a central control system, connected via optical fibre network, connecting twelve independently operating locations, spread over 1,7 km. Each location is connectet to the main central control terminal.
  • All temperatures, potential error indications and lamp lifetimes are reported to this terminal. Also every single device is connected to the network and controllable from the central control station.

HB-Laser as the main contractor was also responsible for all the technical planning as well as all electrical installations and the complete controlling-system.

IP rated stainless steel housings with climate control, progammable electronic boards and much more was designed and manufactured by HB-Laser especially for this setup.

Technology installed:

  • 2 x HB-Laser LightCube RGB 5W PureWhite
  • 1 x HB-Laser LightCube B 6W
  • custom-made retractable gondola with over 17 m height
  • 1 x HB-Laser TITAN 5 multi media control station
  • 2 x HB-Laser TITAN E:cue multi media control station
  • 11 x 5.500 ANSI-lumen video projectors with DMX-moving-mirror
  • 800 x 1 m RGB LED tubes (10 DMX universes over Art-Net)
  • 2 x 4 channel 10 kW PR-Sound sound system
  • 42 loudspeakers
  • 22 x PC-player 
  • 2 x 24-track HD-players
  • Air Conditioning, climate control 
  • laser and video technology
  • IP65-V4A-housing for all lasers, video and electronic systems
  • various electric cabinets
  • various installation racks
  • 3 x professional fog systems

Turnkey installation including show production according to the customers preferences.

Distributed brands:

Distributed Brand LaserworldDistributed Brand tarmdistributed brand Ray Technologies
Distributed Brand Laserworld ShoweditorDistributed Brand ShowcontrollerDistributed Brand PangolinDistributed Brand coherent