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Which Tools should a basic Laser Show Toolbox contain?

When on a production site there is not always the possibility to borrow tools. So have a look at this video to get to know which tools you should always carry with you when showing a laser show and working on show laser devices: 

Why is there condensation inside my laser device?

Professional laser systems usually have cooling/heating elements built inside the projector. Although these are meant for keeping the laser modules at operation temperature, the climate inside the laser device needs to be quite balanced.If you place a laser projector next to a fog machine or next to the air condition outlet (or even to the normal ventilation system) there may be a condensation...

I want to do a very large and complex graphics projection. I fear that even the fastest CT-6215HP scanners will not be able to manage it. What can I do?

We already did many projects like that and it is quite similar to video projections: If you need to cover a larger space, you combine several projectors. It's the same with lasers: You can split-up the graphics in several parts, that can be handled by different laser projectors then.Please ask if you need support in doing such kind of split-up projections. It's not too tricky, but in fact needs...

How can I generate a spider web effect with lasers?

It is quite easy to get an effect like a net by using several mirrors and thus reflecting the beams. If you use 3 laser projectors together with some mirrors, it's rather easy to generate a great effect!We suggest to use only very precise laser systems for doing things like that, e.g. the Purelight Series or the PIKO / NANO products. We suggest to use the BEAM-10 reflection...

Can I link several lasers with DMX cables to forward an ILDA signal?

No: DMX and ILDA are very different types of transmission protocols. DMX is very limited in its capabilities, so it's not suitable for any complex signal transmissions.If you work in ILDA mode, you can only use the ILDA signal. DMX is deactivated at the laser devices as soon as an ILDA signal is available.Please see also the explanations of the ILDA and DMX signals in the FAQs above. See more...

Can I give different addresses to projectors to control different lasers with only one USB interface? Like with DMX?

This so called "ILDA connection" is a rather old transmission method, however it is used for nearly all computer controllable laser systems at the moment.As the ILDA signal is a parallel transmission, the computer control signal (which is serial) needs to be converted to ILDA. This is done by the so called DAC (Digital Analogue Converter), which is also called "USB Interface" or "USB box" in...

How can I control my laser over DMX professionally?

Laser units often provide a rather simple option to control them over DMX512: An integrated chip on the control board of the laser unit has pre-programmed patterns, that then can be selected over DMX. However, the options are very limited and normally the user cannot put own patterns on this chip.Normally there is no professional operation of lasers through DMX possible (except units with...

I got a brand new laser, but it won't work. What can I do?

Before calling your vendor our our service line, please check the following points: - do you use the right operation voltage? - is the environmental temperature not below 10°C? - is the interlock connector plugged in (if there is a interlock connector, of course)? - is the key switch turned to "on"? - if there is a mechanical shutter: is it moved aside? - doese the laser only not work in one...

I want a lightsaber like the guys from Star Wars. Is that possible?

It is not possible to create lightsaber like effects: You cannot "terminate" the laser beam somewhere, it can physically not be terminated without having an end-point (surface). Light can not be ended somewhere, it can only "fade out", meaning intensity is reduced with greater distances. But this is of course not feasible for a lightsaber.See laser show types in our glossary

How can I set up my lasers best? How do I place them? What about wiring?

There are multiple ways to connect our laser systems. Please find some examples below:>>> read more , see chart >>>

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