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What is Wavelength?

The physical term Wavelength determines the color of a laser source and is specified in the unit nm (nanometer). As you can see in the chart below, some colors are more visible than others.


laser color visibility

What are the different Wavelengths for laser colors?

Laserworld show laser lights come with many different laser sources and therefore many different laser colors:

Color, Laser Source
639 nm
635, 637, 638, 650, 658 nm
590 nm
577 nm
561 nm
532 nm
520 nm
514, 530 nm
480, 488 nm
460, 462 nm
450, 465, 470 nm
445 nm

red OPSL
red Diode
orange OPSL
yellow OPSL
lime OPSL
green DPSS
green Diode
green OPSL
cyan OPSL
blue OPSL
blue Diode
royal blue Diode

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