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Nightclub Laser

What is a nightclub laser?

A nightclub laser is a laser system for entertainment purposes especially used in clubs and discotheques. These single or multi-color laser systems are usually accompanied by music and sound effects as well as fog machines, video-projections, etc. Combining laser light systems with melodies emotionalizes people through a multitude of audio-visual impacts. Rhythmic beats are accompanied by different illumination effects that harmonize to the lyrics and underline the mood of the sound.

How do nightclub lasers work?

These laser projectors display focused laser beams and effects such as animated images and patterns on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces without refocusing even over a long distance. Laser systems exist as single or multi color show lasers and are sometimes combined with accessories such as mirrors, projection screens, remote projector heads, and other devices, to display different kinds of beam effects.

Which nightclub laser do you recommend?

That depends strongly on your venue. The bigger your location, the more power your show laser should provide. To reduce maintenance efforts you should consider buying a laser light with a dust proof housing - look for laser systems with Sealed Housing Technology.  If you want to show own graphics and animations, a show laser system with ILDA connection and fast scanning system will suit best for your purpose.
Laserworld offers many laser lights from budget version to high-end professional system, there is no limit. But also small laser systems for beginners can fit in your club. With their music and automatic modes, there is no need in training show laser software programming. Just start the laser and enjoy pre-programmed patterns like tubes, waves, circles, etc. Bring back the nightlife to your club.
For further information on finding a specific nightclub laser, please refer to our tool "Find Your Laser"

Examples of nightclub laser shows

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Buy show laser systems for nightclubs

Here you can see Laserworld Nightclub Laser systems. From budget laser systems to more professional solutions. Click on a particular show laser for more information from our shop.

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